Wednesday, 7 September 2011

More Granola More Hummus

Hey, and we are at the middle of the week already!
This week is flying by for me is it for you?

I had no time yesterday to drop in so I have some of yesterday's eats for ya and some from today, yes another catch up : )

Tuesday I was up early to get to my 7am Bikram class then back home for breakfast I had an apple and nectarine topped with soy yogurt and granola

After breakfast I got sorted then hit the windy road to Hastings. It was a very scary journey the wind and rain was hammering down on my car but I made it there in time to train client no.1

I popped to my sisters to eat lunch in the dry, tofu salad yum

I also had an apple n nakd bar

The rest of the day was spent training clients till 8.30pm then I was back on the windy road back to Brighton


I had a client to train first thing then work at the shop, I had the same breakfast as yesterday

Lunch was also the same but this time I mixed the hummus with a little water to make a runny dressing

All mixed up, delicious : )

I also had an apple topped with a raspberry and vanilla soy yogurt

After work I went to train another client before heading home. When I got home a gobbled a spoonful of PB then hit the pavement for a 3.3 mile run

I apologies for the hideously bad photo! Dinner was a broccoli fest, broccoli, sardines and an egg mixed up to make a protein mess!

I'm gonna get going now time for bed, yoga at 7am.........


What are you loving for breakfast at the moment?

Hmmmm I think I need to treat myself to the granola definitely should be making it a breakfast habit!

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  1. I can never get over how busy you are! I'm loving chia seeds in all forms for breakfast at the moment, in puddings and oats, yum!