Monday, 19 September 2011

Loving My Morning Workouts

Hey bloggies how's the first day of the week been for ya?
Mine has been good, not exciting but good all the same. I got up early to get to the gym for a good pumping iron and cardio session before breakfast. I'm so glad i decided to join the gym I am loving my morning workout session!

Sorry if you get bored of this but I'm loving my quinoa/millet and carob breakfast! Today's included mixed summer fruits and was topped with soy yogurt and seeds

After breakfast I was off to work in the shop for the day

Mid morning snack, a rice cake and dark tahini.

The shop was real quite which was actually good as our computer has popped and has to be changed which will take a few days not good!

I had a soy mince curry for lunch and

an apple : )

Afternoon snack attack was carrot sticks and a nakd bar.

For dinner I made a scramble egg and veggie mix with a side off vegan pesto rice noodles

This was so yummy, I also had some chopped apple topped with soy yogurt and a little coconut flour : )

I plan to get up early again tomorrow to get to the gym before another day in the shop which will be followed by a Bikram class. I'm hoping to get home in time for the Great British Bake I'm loving that programme, anyone else obsessed by it like me?!


What's you favorite time to workout?

Mine is morning for sure but I don't mind a Bikram session in the evening : )


  1. I love a good morning workout. It gets me all energised for the day ahead.

  2. I love working out in the morning and knowing I've got my sweat over and done with during the day. Working out in the evening often means I shower and then wash my hair twice a day which is craziness! Unfortunately my gym opens at 9am when I'm at work so it's evening work outs for me for the future!

  3. Working out in the morning is great as it really sets you up for the day :)
    I love the great british bake off too :)

  4. I love working out in the morning, but hate getting up early, so until my work place agrees to me rolling in at half ten, I'll have to stick to evening work outs!

  5. I'm a morning exerciser for sure, I feel set up for the day that way, even when I'm at the gym on an evening I like to do just 15 minutes of yoga to wake me up!

  6. I definitely agree with the earlier comment - it's best to do it early in the morning before your shower otherwise you end up washing all the time! I have very long hair, so even having to wash it once every single day gets annoying.

    I'm obsessed with the Great British Bake Off too, I can't stop thinking about it! I'm really upset that Jason is gone now though :(