Sunday, 4 September 2011

I'm Tattooed and I'm Moved In!!!!!!!!

Hello everybody, how are we all?
I am A OK, all is so good I can't quite believe my luck finding this fab room and having such pretty wrists! I have had a great day I got up early and went for a 3.5 mile run before work at the shop then after work I went to my first Bikram class since getting my tattoo. It was a fab class I sweated like a beast and it felt great : )

Anyways lets get on with a monster catch up shall we? First up here are my new tattoos!!!!!!!

Ok so the "R*B" is on my left wrist and I had that done 9yrs ago when my best friend
Richard Ball died as a tribute to him. This made me non symmetrical so it has taken me the past 9yrs to decide what I wanted on my right wrist. A friend, a few years ago, said something to me that sparked an idea in my head. I have a heart padlock on my foot within one of my other tattoos and a friend once said to me "one day Tamzin someone will find the key to that lock" this gave me the idea for the key and the hearts being left empty in the hope that one day the initials of that someone will go in them! So that's the story behind my new tattoo. I also decided to have the "R*B" made a little prettier with some dots and stars I hope you like them and if you don't fare enough but keep it to ya self! ha ha


This was the big move day I got up early to take all my furniture apart and have a filling breakfast.......

A giant smoothie, filling and very yummy : )

After breakfast, I carried on with packing and waiting for the removal guy to come and pick up my crazy amount of stuff!

A little break from the sorting called for a chocolate rice drink

I love this drink and I got 4 for a pound!

Awwwwwww I love my new tattoo! Sorry let me get back to my packing day.......

Once all my stuff had been packed into the van and was on its way to my new home I made a quick lunch before leaving my old one. I had a salad with a sweet potato omlette which was really yummy

In my new room I spent hours sorting, putting furniture together and unpacking I stopped for a refuel before carry on! I also had a bowl of fruit later on in the evening, by 11pm I collapsed into my bed!


I went for a run 7amish Friday morning. It was fab seafront run, I ran for 3 miles first half flat along the top then on the way back I ran down by the sea and every set of steps/hill I came to ran up and down.

Got home and filled my tum with cornflakes topped with an apple and coconut flour.

A little later my papa, turned up and after a costa soy latte we got to work on sorting my room a little more

By 1pm me and paps were pretty hungry so we made our way to town where I treated him to lunch at Infinity Foods Cafe, we got a great seat upstairs by the window : )

Me and papa : )

We both ordered the vegan/gluten free chilli served with quinoa and salad.
It was MASSIVE but really tasty. I have to admit the meal beat me and I left some I tried my best but my stomach nearly popped!

We went back to my new abode after lunch and did a little more sorting before my paps left for Hastings

A good few hours later I had done enough unpacking to work up a hunger, I ate a bowl of steamed veggies with sardines and a fruit salad topped with soy yogurt and seeds.


Saturday I worked at the shop, before leaving for work, which might I add is now a short 10 minute walk from town!, I had a fruit salad topped with soy yogurt and seeds.

For lunch I had a chicken and hummus salad followed by a couple of apples.

After work I went out for dinner with my work colleagues one of them is leaving : (

We went to a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho it was delicious. We started with some undocumented rice summer rolls which were rise wraps filled with raw veggies then I had a mushroom and tofu salad which again was really REALLY good. I can't wait to take my sister to this restaurant she'll love it!

Jill and Michael work colleagues that aren't leaving!

I didn't have pudding because I was crazy full but the others did this one I had to get a photo of. It was a Pandan panackae with roasted coconut and coconut ice cream which was fantastic apparently!

We also went for drinks after, I had a very strong Mojito to start which was really good : )

We had a couple more drinks then off home we went, it was a great evening : )

Right that'd me and you all caught up, I hope your still with me and I haven't bored you too much! I have a busy week coming up but I should be able to get a few more regular posts in I hope!

Have a good start to the week peeps x x x


Have you ever been to a Vietnamese restaurant?

I hadn't but I sure as hell will be going back and eating there again!


  1. Wow, I LOVE your tattoos, they both look great! :) I have a tattoo on my right wrist saying "Je ne regrette rien"...hadn't thought before about the need to even it up with another tattoo, but I'll have to think about it now! :-D

    I've never been to a Vietnamese restaurant before...not sure where my nearest one is, I will have to look it up. That pancake looks...different! you know what it was that made it bright green??

  2. Thank you! It was the pannan that made it that colour x x

  3. Oh my I am so in love with your tats, I'm dying to get a new one but need to save up as I'm after a big on on my upper arm. Never been to a vietnamese place but that food looks good!

  4. I do like the thinking that's gone into the new tattoo. I'd have another done but I can't think of anything meaningful and timely enough.

    Never been to a vietnamese restaurant but when I've read recipes from there they always sound really good.

  5. I love your new tattoos. I love the fact that they are personal to you and mean something too rather than just being just some random design.

  6. I really like those tattoos, the colours are lovely and I really like the meaning behind the heart one. Glad the move went well and that you're getting settled! :)

  7. I haven't been t a vietnamese restraunt but I do make their fresh spring rolls occasionally. Like the sparkliness of your tat!

  8. Love your tats they look amazing!
    Vietnamese food is amazing but I haven't been to a viet restaurant in ages..

  9. Loving your new tatts! Sweet reason, I hope you find the person whose initials you can put inside the hearts.

    I've never been to a vietnamese restaurant. I love asian food though so I'm guessing I'd like it. xxx

  10. Oh I just love your tattoos! Funnily enoughy I have a heart and a padlock, though they don't look like these! Good luck with the moving :)