Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Giving Yoga A Miss

Good evening, how are we all on this grey Wednesday?
I'm all good now that the work day is over! What a long day in the shop it has been. So quiet I went out twice on the hunt for some new shoes but both times came back empty handed. Why is it the only shoes that float my boat at the moment I will need to sell a kidney to buy!? Watch this space I may buy them anyway............

Today I started with an early clients session, yes in the rain! 7am sheltering under some trees while my client worked up a sweat, good women! I walked home like a soggy rat and made the same breakfast as yesterday to fill my tum and warm me up : )

Then to the shop I went.......

For lunch I had a tuna mess with an apple and a nakd bar

After work I popped to Infinity Foods to pick up some groceries then hot footed it home!

I was going to go to yoga but have decided to give it a miss tonight, but don't worry I'm in the gym and yoga tomorrow so I'll be making up for my day off!

I did decide to have an amazing dinner though! I had cabbage, celeriac and cauliflower curried veg with 2 boiled eggs. SO GOOD!

I followed this with sliced apple topped with soy yogurt and coconut flour mixed with water and a little maple syrup again SO SO GOOD!

I plan an early gym session followed by a delicious breakfast then a trip into town to pick up my flyers (for PT sessions) and hunt for some shoes or just give in and buy the ones I want and not eat for the next month! Then I shall be going to yoga before coming home and chilling for the rest of the day well I do need to do some business work too!

Oh one other thing thank you for your sweet words about the boy but have no fear it was my decision and totally for the best we wanted different things so no point in wasting time!


I know a lot of you guys are in relationships but do you have any tips for meeting a hot guy that so needs to meet me!?

I have to be honest I don't go out that much and work a lot but there must be a way to meet a handsome stranger!


  1. Well I'm no good at giving dating tips because I'm RUBBISH at it. I wouldn't know how to behave during a date. But I'm also totally not interested in dating at the moment so.. ;).
    I'd say go for the kidney! Being hungry for a year is worse. Hahahaha. Kidding.

    ps if you find the perfect way to meet handsome strangers (preferably smart, witty, funny and fit guys) please let me know. I won't be on a non-dating-trip forever...


  2. Go to a lot of other peoples weddings! haha, that's how me and James met! I know some people don't like them but I see nothing wrong with some of the dating sites - at least then your meeting people that have similar interests and are looking for the same things?