Saturday, 17 September 2011

Feeling The Knead

Its ok I'm still alive, but I have been very busy and my internet on Thursday wouldn't let me upload any photos which was a bummer so I have been MIA since Wednesday! This means a catch up like usual, but unfortunately I have not got all my photos uploaded so we'll have to make the do with what I got!


I got up early and went to the gym in the morning before work at the shop, then after work I went to Bikram. When I got home I had a package waiting for me!

The nice people at Knead offered to send me some gluten/wheat/dairy/yeast and cane sugar free goodies which I obviously accepted!

I really love the packaging, simple but very fresh looking : )

I got a Brownie

and some Ginger Cookies!

I couldn't resist trying the brownie on Thursday evening topped with a little soy yogurt.
OMG so good! I really enjoyed this it was thick dense and very chocolaty just how a brownie should be : )


I had a fabulous Friday! I got up early to get a gym session in before my 7.30am client then hot footed it home to get my things together for an overnight stay in Hastings. My mum and little sister have been here for a week but because I've been working all week I only got Friday to hang out with them which sucked but we had a really lovely day. We went to Tunbridge Wells for the day then home to my sisters for a lovely meal which my dad joined us for.
All in all a fab day : )


Saturday was another early start. After farewells to mum and little sister I spent the morning training clients and also meeting a new client, yay! I popped to my dads to make some lunch before heading back to Brighton where I found another parcel!

Oooooooo you'll never guess what it is?!

I went to Bikram once I was back then home for dinner!

I made a yummy red lentil curry followed by.........

I couldn't resist trying the cookies. The chocolate chip cookies to be precise!

Hmmmmmmm I have to be honest and say these weren't great. They were quite hard not really the kind of cookie I'm used too. Don't get me wrong they didn't taste bad but I wasn't as much a fan of these : )

Well dear readers I do hope your weekend is all fun and fabulous for you? I am training a client before work at the shop tomorrow then I am going out for a meal with my work colleague Leila, its her last day : (


Have you ever heard of Knead?

I had never heard of them before but I am always keen to find more products and companies that offer some alternative foods that don't contain dairy and gluten especially as my dad has a really bad gluten intolerance so its great to know of new stuff I can get him. He KNEADS one of those brownies that's for sure!


  1. Omg they look amazing! I tried a GF brownie the other day that was horrible, but had a different one that was amazing. GF baking must be quite hard to get right!

  2. I just found your blog; too cute! I love the title.
    I've never head of Knead but I'm always interested in gluten free alternatives. That brownie looks delish, and I'm not even a brownie fan!! haha.

  3. I'd never heard of them before, that brownie looks amazing!!

  4. That chocolate chip brownie looks incredible *drool* I've never heard of Knead either. I like the packaging too. It's different :) X

  5. I have never heard of Knead, but their products sound great!