Sunday, 25 September 2011

Feeding The Cherry Addiction

Good evening Sunday readers : )
I hope you've had a fab weekend and are all ready for the last week of September!!!??
Can you believe October is upon us and soon the wintery weather will have set in, even though if today's weather is anything to go by we still have some sun trying to play : )

Today I was up and at the gym by 8am for a fab workout I did 40 minutes of weights followed by 25 minutes of spin and 10 minutes on the summit trainer. If you haven't read my views on weights yet then pop over here and check them out!

I got home and fed my cherry addiction : )

This is what happens to my breakfast after the photo has been taken!

I worked at the shop today, for lunch I had steamed veggies and chickpeas but dare I admit I have eaten enough biscuit to fed England today! Um I'm going to put this behind me know and look forward to some fab healthy foods in the coming week : )

I also gave yoga a miss I was just in one of those moods today when I wanted to go home and chill! Tomorrow I will start the day with a gym session then its work in the shop again.


Got anything good coming up this coming week?

I'm looking forward the posture clinic I have been invited to on Saturday by my yoga school! As a direct debit member they were kind enough to invite me as a guest to the posture clinic, it is a 3hr session (without the heat!) with the teacher who is a yoga champion, helping us to perfect out poses! Really looking forward to that and having the weekend off other than 1hr!


  1. That posture clinic sounds great! I'm off this week so I'll be making the most of the opportunity to chill out a bit!

  2. I am loving cherries too :) I have a fairly quite week but that is good because I have had some busy weekends recently!