Thursday, 8 September 2011

Can't Wait Till Tomorrow!

Good afternoon : )
I thought a post now would be best as I have time before heading to Hastings to train clients.
I'm not sure what time I'll be either so better safe than sorry!

I started my day with a 7am Bikram class, before leaving I got up and hour early to have a small coffee and rice cake with peanut butter for yoga fuel! After class I popped to get some groceries before returning home.

I made a really good smoothie, Chocolate, Cherry and Vanilla!

I picked up some frozen cherries and used SW vanilla protein powder, cocoa (no sugar), spinach, the gums, banana and lots of ice

So filling and so tasty : )
I spent the morning sorting clients workouts and wasting time on the net!

Lunch time rolled round and I had some steamed veggies with mackerel in tom sauce


I then had 1 apple + 1 nectarine sliced and topped with grounded seeds and berries

I am off to Hastings about 3.30pm to train clients then I'll be coming straight back to Brighton.

I have a fun weekend ahead and I'm getting pretty excited, tomorrow I'm going to see Example!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its in a small club in Brighton too which is gonna be sweet! Then on Saturday after work at the shop I'm off to Hastings again to kitty sit for my sisters bubbas till Monday. I have a couple of friends coming round Saturday for drinks and maybe we'll pop into town but its undecided yet, I'll have to see how I'm feeling after Friday!

There will be no post tomorrow as I am up early to train a client before work at the shop then home and straight back out for Example whoop! Have a fab Friday peeps I plan too : )


Example are you with me people?!

There isn't one song he has produced I don't like he rules!


  1. Very jealous of you seeing Example - that will be a great gig, have fun!

  2. Example is amazing. I saw him at the Summer Sundae festival. I hope you have a fab time!!!

  3. Really like Example too - he has a great voice!
    I looooove small clubs - much nicer than big venues!

    Have a fabulous weekend!