Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bees Pollen

Yay its Tuesday nearly done for some reason I'm looking forward to the weekend, maybe its cause I might have a date or a Saturday yoga class with a friend joining me who knows?!

My day started at 5ish am! I know I sound crazy but I was awake from 5ish so decided to get up and ready for a gym session. Being up that early means I can get to the gym 6am on the dot which is great cause the gym is real quiet and all the machines/equipment is free. This morning I did a 30/40 minute circuit followed by 30 minutes of spin : )

I had my breakfast of the moment but today topped it with some bees pollen, when this melted it tasted even better!

I worked at the shop today, we had a new member of staff start today. Paul is really nice and I think is gonna fit in just fine : )

For lunch I had a small sweet pot with hazelnut tofu, peppers and mushrooms
in a pepper pesto

I also had an apple and later some rice cakes with tahini and a nakd bar for Bikram fuel!

After Bikram I walked home and ate a giant plate of steamed veg mixed with sardines in a curry sauce sounds wrong but tasted right! I also had an apple with soy yogurt. Sorry for the absent photos but my phone battery died so no camera!

Yay to tomorrow being Wednesday its my last day in the shop till Sunday : )


What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Not sure if I told you I finished things with the boy about a month n a half ago so am back on the dating game......... : )

Do you like bees pollen?

I love it! I bought this jar ages and ages ago and it goes a long way. Its quite expensive but I thing you can make this stretch so is well worth the pennies plus it tastes soooooooo good!


  1. Sorry to hear about you and the boy, I was wondering cos you haven't mentioned him in awhile! Oh well I bet you'll have fun finding another one :P Does the bee pollen taste like honey then?

  2. I bought bee pollen a little while ago after you said it was so good, I totally agree its very yummy! I had a feeling things were off with you and the fella when you hadn't mentioned him, hope you make the most of being single and fancy free! I have a week off next week so can't wait for the weekend for my holiday to start, plus I'm catching up with all me friends that I haven't seen in ages :-)

  3. I've never tried bees pollen but was tempted to buy it at the Manchester meet up.

  4. I've never had bee pollen before! I tried looking for it but couldn't find it. Now I want to start my search again! x