Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Back In The Gym Club

Hey I'm here 2 days in row in must be a miracle?!
I've had the day off which has been fab, and almost productive!
I got up for my 7am Bikram class, a tsp of PB powered me through before coming home to a yummy breakfast...........

This was a mix of quinoa and millet, rice milk, water, tsp carob, frozen blueberries (added at the end) soy yogurt and grounded seeds/berries

OMG such a good breakfast and so filling! I savored every mouthful : )

After breakfast I spent the morning returning emails and just wasting time on the internet! Then I headed out to join the gym! I decided to join the gym I used to work in here, its literally 5 minutes down the road and because I worked there they gave me a discounted price which is pretty sweet! Plus i know everyone there and its a great gym with really good equipment. I actually can't wait to get back in and have a session! I wont be able to fit a session in till Thursday which is probably a good thing for my shins!
All signed up I was off home to make lunch.........

I thought I'd show you the stock, above, I use to flavor my eggs/soup/omelets just so ya know when I say stock this is what I'm using! Random fact!

For lunch I had a yummy mix. Spinach, mushrooms, carrots, avocado and an egg burger! I made the egg burger by mixing 1 whole egg and 2 whites with a tsp of stock then microwaved : )
I also drizzled the salad with a little udo oil

Coconut soy yogurt, apple and cinnamon

Yummy combo!

The rest of the day was spent doing not much. I read for a while and watched some TV so not really very productive but I guess I'm usually so busy the days I have off sometimes go this way........

Dinner was another fresh and yummy meal

I steamed some carrot, cabbage and broccoli then mixed with some vegan pesto and tuna. This tasted so good my tum was very happy : )

A tint bit of yogurt left well I thought it best to eat it with another apple and cinnamon. I'll never tire of this combo NEVER!

I have already sorted my gym plan so can't wait to get started, roll on Thursday! I also can't wait for Friday when I get to hang out with my mama and little sister just for 1 day so I shall be soaking up their company : )

Tomorrow I start the day with a client at 7am, work at the shop, home then Bikram which means there may not be a post tomorrow we'll see..........


Do you belong to a gym?

I always have until I left the one I worked in at the end of June. I have not really needed one as I have all my own equipment but alas I do not own a treadmill or cross trainer so I'm back in the gym club, I'm also looking forward to social side of the gym. Don't get my wrong I don't go to the gym to "socialize" as such but as I know the PT's there it will be good to chat to them again : )

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  1. Glad your back in the gym! Your breakfast sounds delicious. Hope you have fun seeing your mam and sis!