Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Two Breakfasts

Hey bloggies, I am dropping in early to say hi and goodbye!
I am off to Hastings in an hour or so and wont be posting tonight. I got up early this morning to get a snack in before Bikram, 5ish I was saying hello to the world.........

I had a cup of coffee and apple topped with soy yogurt, cinnamon and a drizzle of tahini.
This was a great power snack and had been digested by the time I was getting my sweat on : )

Today was my last class for a few days because as I'm getting tattooed tomorrow I wont be able to go. Well for a couple of days anyway!

When I got home just after 9am I was ready for breakfast no.2!

Banana, apple, cos lettuce vanilla protein smoothie in a bowl!
Thick, Creamy, Delicious : )

Ok that's me, I now gotta get my bag together. I have so much packing still to do too, Wednesday eve and Thursday are going to be so busy, packing and sorting then Thursday night I'm moving!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh so excited!!!!!!!!!

Have a fab day x x x x


Do you ever have two breakfasts?

I don't always have something before class but I felt the extra energy was needed today


  1. I sometimes have two breakfats especially if I am working out first breakfast is usually something easy to digest like a banana or some dried fruits.

  2. What kind of tattoo are you getting?? Awww so exciting!
    I often have two breakfasts, especially when I do an early morning workout. Love it!