Monday, 29 August 2011


Well can you believe it 2 days and we are welcoming September!
I am still trying to take this in, I have said it before and I say shall it again this year is FLYING by I blink another month has gone! I do think 2012 is going to be a much better year for me, I'm not saying 2011 has been bad but it has been a bit of a struggle.......things seem to be getting better every month though so by 2012 I'll be sorted, fingers crossed!

Today I got up early to get a run in before work, I did 3 miles and felt fab!

I got home, showered then made a yummy breakfast, cornflakes topped with strawberries, coconut flour and soy milk. The coconut flour makes the milk go so creamy this is a really yummy breakfast : )

I worked at the shop again today, but it was my last till Saturday which is handy as I have the busiest week and need all the time I can muster!

I had the same lunch as yesterday, sweet pot, raw mushrooms and peppers, olive tofu all mixed up in a pepper pesto (vegan) and it was again very yummy

I followed lunch with my favorite nakd bar : )

After work I planned to go to Bikram so just over an hour before I had an apple, soy yogurt and seeds to give me yoga power!

Dinner was quick and easy, steamed veggies, I'm loving cabbage at the moment, mackerel and the last of my pepper pesto

Simple but healthy and delicious

OMG pudding was soooooooooooo good! I made my carob pudding but used banana instead of strawberries this was insane I could eat this everyday!

I am off to Hastings tomorrow to train clients and stay at my sisters. Then Wednesday I am having a new tattoo!!!!!!!! I'm so excited I have been waiting for ages and finally the day is nearly here and i can't wait bring on the burn : )

I hope your week has started well, I'm off to settle down as I shall be up early to get to my 7am Bikram class : )


Do you have any tattoos?

I'm sure I've asked this before but refresh my memory and those new readers tell me about your art : )

I have 8, soon to be 9!


  1. Good luck for getting the new tattoo! I've wanted a tattoo for ages but still have no idea what I actually want. x

  2. Hey, I haven't been able to read your blog for ages, good to know you're doing well though! Nope, I don't have any tattoos - my couzin (who looks heaps like me, we could be twins) has heaps of big ones though. I like how they look, but I think it would be hard for me to find something that I want to be part of me for the rest of my life, you know... I change lots. hahaha!

  3. I'd so love to get a tattoo, but then I don't know how I'd feel about it in a few years time. And as of yet, I can't think of anything that I really really want!

    That breakfast looks so delish :)

  4. I'm too much of a sissy to get a tattoo ;-) You'll have to post a pic one sits done.

  5. I have 2, a Mexican style sacred heart on one calf, and a rosary and key on the other :)

  6. Ooh what you getting? I have 3, a kind of leaf design on my wrist, a rose on my hip and something I designed myself with stars and swirls on my foot. Next up I'm hoping to get a half sleeve! It was one of the things I said I would treat myself to once I'd lost weight :-)

  7. I have got 4 tattoos and want more! Undecided about my next one though. Snap some piccies!!