Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sword Fish Loving

Hey you guys its the weekend!!!!!
Bet your all happy about this? I have had a good day but am pretty done in, its been long!
With no post yesterday I have 2 days of eats for ya so shall we.............


I was working at the shop yesterday and had no one to train in the morning so I had time to make a yummy breakfast and enjoy it before heading to town.

I had a big bowl of fruit salad topped with soy yogurt, ground seeds/berries and almonds. This was really good and refreshing : )

For lunch I had the same wraps as the past 2 days but I did have something new!

I have tried the soya deserts before but not the dark chocolate one so I treated myself to these bad boys and topped with a handful of trail mix, so good!

After work I drove straight to Hastings to stay at my sisters. Today I started training clients at 7.30am so it made sense to stay in Hastings.

A little after I arrived my sister and her hubby Dean made me dinner and I was definitely spoilt! They made sword fish steak with salad.

Wow this was so soooooooo good! I have never eaten sword fish but I am definitely going to eat t again. Its really meaty and so flavorsome.

After dinner we watched the film Limitless which featured the gorgeous Bradley Cooper! Ooooooooooo what a hottie, it could be love! The film was really good and I say watch it if you get the chance.


6am alarm clock I hated you today!

I couldn't really sleep last night for some reason so when my alarm clock went off I was not best pleased. I got up, got showered then fixed breakfast. I had a bowl of muesli topped with rice milk and an apple. This fixed me up for the next few hours of work. I started at 7.30am training my sis and her hubby then had another 2 couples and one single client which took me up to 12.30pm. All clients successfully sweaty and sore I jumped into my car and drove back to Brighton.

I got back around 2pm and was HUNGRY. I planned to go to Bikram later in the day so needed a filling lunch. Sardine and peanut butter noodles to the rescue!

Love this dish weird but good!

I also had a package waiting for me when I got home! I love mail and especially when I have been eagerly awaiting it.

Yay my new blender!
After opening up the box and going over the contents I got ready and left for my Bikram class with a after workout mission.......SPINACH!

I had a great class today even though I have a bad leg, (not sure whats up with it but I am having a sports massage Monday to try and sort it!) the teacher actually commented on my yoga after class and said he noticed I am looking very strong and have a great practice!
This made my day : )

My spiach mission was completed and I made a smoothie for dinner it was delicious

I like to have apple dippers for my smoothie.

Ok so that's me, I am now enjoying a quite evening in alone with Eddie Murphy, Coming to America, gotta love that film total 80's classic! The boy is at a festival so no visit this weekend. I kinda needed a weekend to myself so it worked out quite well. I'm not much company at the moment, you'll know why soon enough but for now I shall leave it at that : )

I'm working in the shop tomorrow and plan to treat myself to a Sunday Bikram class. I'd love to be able to do it everyday and now I have faced the shower room fear I think I can start to up my sessions. Watch this space!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, until next time x x x


Have you eaten sword fish?

If you are a fish eater and have yet to try it get yourself some you wont regret it!

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