Friday, 19 August 2011

The Secrets Out!

Wowzas this week has been never ending but crazy busy!
No post since Monday's, I do apologies but life has just got in the way this week. At least I can now tell you my big news but not yet you've got lots of food porn and useless info to get through first! Ok so we're rewinding back to Monday night so lets get started.......


Monday evening before heading out to train a client I had a yummy smoothie with apple dippers


I got up early to get to my 7am Bikram class

I worked in the shop Tuesday so took a fruit salad, yogurt, chia seeds and almonds for breakfast

Lunch was tuna salad with rice cakes topped with a little pure spread

I also had a nakd bar

I got this fab nail varnish free with a magazine and the shop was so dead in the afternoon I made my nails pretty : )

I had a giant green monster for dinner with apple dippers


I had an early morning client Wednesday morning and on my way to the car saw the most beautiful moth! I want that pattern made into some shoes or something, the moth was too cool for school!

Client trained I drove home to make breakfast before heading to the shop

For lunch I had a tofu salad and and apple topped with yogurt and seeds.
After work I met up with my friend Tara for a coffee then went to Bikram, where I became a human waterfall! Never have I sweated so much it was insane!


I got up early to get to my 7am Bikram class

Again I took breakfast with me.

Above is my beloved bag. I have had this bag since I lived in Barcelona so about 6 years. I found it in a retro shop and I have used it so much over the years it started to fall apart but I just couldn't break away from it until now. It really did need to be replaced the inner lining was completely ripped and to be honest it wasn't a good look! I just hadn't seen anything that jumped out at me but............

Look at my new bag!!!!!!!!! I love it, just the right size and its soooooooo pretty and really me I think my old bag would be pleased I replaced it with this beauty, ok enough of the randomness back to the food!


Today I got up early to meet my client for a 7am seafront run. We ran for 20 minutes did some body weight exercises then ran 20 minutes back

After showering I had a bowl of gluten free oats with banana and PB! OH MY GOD its been way to long I haven't eaten porridge since I don't know when and this tasted so good I shall defo be bringing this back into the meal plan : )

I have now got the day to myself, which is why I'm getting my post in now. I am off to Hastings later for the weekend so there will be no post tomorrow and maybe not Sunday sorry! I may stay there Sunday too but I'm not decided yet. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, one of my best friends died 8 years ago (he was a BMX'er) and every year they hold a BMX jam in Hastings to remember him. I haven't been able to go for a few years because of one thing or another but this year i am free to go to the jam and the after party so I can't wait! I have a few client s to train tomorrow morning then its party time : )

Ok I gotta get my stuff together so better get on but first let me tell you my secret.......

I'M MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hold ya horses don't worry I'm not moving from Brighton! I am moving into Brighton town though. I live pretty far out at the moment and feel pretty isolated so I have decided to move to a new flat share literally 5 mins form Brighton's main train station with 2 lovely girls! I'm so excited for my new adventure, I have spent the week packing so any spare time has been spent on that not the blog : ( I will be moving at the beginning of September so its all go, I'm going to be crazy busy sorting it all out over the next couple of weeks but it will be worth the stress I just can't wait! See not that exciting for you but very exciting for me : )

Right time to go, till next time x x x


Do you have certain possessions you just can't let go of?

My mum was right it was a real wrench to let go but my new bag made it easier to say goodbye to the old!

What ya doing this weekend?



  1. Oh that's brilliant news!! Hope the move goes smoothly! (I hate the packing part but that's easily ignored for a "good cause" hehe).
    Did that nail polish come with Marie Claire? Because I've got one that looks suspiciously similar. :)

  2. Conrats on the new place!It'll be fun living with some girls to keep you company! and being more in the middle of town, closer to all of the action! Have a great weekend!

  3. Nomnomnom to the foods!!!

    Great news about the move. I forgot that you live locally to me! I live down the coast in sunny Eastbourne!!

    Have a great weekend :-)

  4. Congrats! I know when we met you were saying you wanted to move into town, that's just awesome. I'm so jealous I'd love to live in Brighton!

  5. Good luck with the move thats awesome :-)

  6. Good luck with the move! I'm moving soon too and although it's going to be stressful having to pack everything up it's also really exciting. Very envious that you're going to be living in the centre of Brighton! x

  7. Good luck with the move!
    Moving house is officially my least favourite thing ever! Haha :)
    Have fun at the jam too.

  8. Oh wow Brighton is such an amazing, vibrant town! I'm jealous!
    I think your new handbag is a beaut!