Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Quick Hello

Hey I'm dropping in very quickly as its late and I plan to get up for my early Bikram class.
I've been stuck inside all day missing the beautiful sunshine : (
But I've had some yummy eats so lets have a look shall we...........

Breakfast was cornflakes! I've finished the box and am going cold turkey!

For lunch I had a superfood salad from M&S with some watercress and an apple

I popped into Infinity Foods after work and found these rice wraps so thought I'd give them a go

They are sugar, dairy and yeast free

I filled my wrap with lemon & coriander hummus, smoked tofu and salad

It broke a little but I didn't care this was so yummy! I had 2 : )

Followed by fruit, soy yogurt and ground seeds n berries

After dinner had gone down I went back out to train a client and now I am home and need to get my snooze on!

See ya tomorrow x x


Are you a wrap eater?

I don't tend to be but these were a great change. They are pretty expensive so I wont be making a habit of eating them but as a treat now then I shall be indulging!


  1. I got some of those wraps from Infinity but the corn ones, I'm going to bust them open next week I think as I have a real fancy for a wrap!

  2. I love having wraps :) But yeah they can be hard to eat!

  3. I love wraps. I had ana awesome one last weekend filled with falafel..yum!

  4. I love wraps but don't buy them that often as I prefer bagels and pita's. I should get some in soon though, I love making mexican type meals out of them!

  5. I saw these wraps at whole foods the other day and wondered how they are.. I usually freeze mine because I don't use them so quickly but that works well :)

  6. I love wraps but all I can ever find are the white ones! :(