Sunday, 28 August 2011

More Carob Pudding

Finally my blog will let me post! But its pretty late so this will be short and sweet people : )

This morning I had to train a client before working at the shop but as it wasn't till 9am I had plenty of time to make breakfast.

My spinach was way past its best so I settled for a fruit and vanilla protein monster!

I gathered my things then went to train my client. I was finished with all my equipment into the car by 10.15am, I didn't start at the shop till 11am so I new what was needed............

A sit in the sun listening to a street performer..............

Drinking coffee and browsing over the pages of a fitness mag!

The shop was quiet, I was glad when lunch time came to break up the day!
I ha sweet pot, raw mushrooms, pepper and basil tofu mixed with a pepper pesto sauce.

Followed by an apple, soy yogurt and seeds.

After work I went to my Bikram class.

I was HUNGRY when I got in and wanted something quick but tasty. I steamed some veggies and mixed them with some scrambled egg. I used 2 eggs + 1 egg white and mixed them with a tsp of yeast/dairy/gluten free stock which made them taste so good!

Yummy : )

I also made my not so bad carob pudding, same as Friday.

I use no added sugar carob, its so yummy I love it!

I hope your having a great weekend, I have to work again tomorrow in the shop : (

I plan to get up and go for a run before work and then Bikram after.

Bye for now x x x


  1. Oooh, your breakfast looks delicious!

  2. That breakfast looks lovely- I am loving almonds right now :)

  3. I love that spot in Brighton, it must be so nice to sit there when you have a break :-)