Thursday, 11 August 2011

Lots To Do

Hey peeps another quick post I'm afraid, I am going to cat sit my sisters little devils this weekend and need to get stuff sorted. I my day has been long that's for sure and with not much sleep last night I'm feeling pretty done in!

I started my day with a 7am Bikram class. To be honest it was rough, felt sick the whole way through, to many things on my mind I suspect.........

I took breakfast to work, fruit, yogurt, almonds and seeds.

Lunch was salad, falafels and hummus

Dinner was quick and easy, smoothie + apple dippers : )

Ok that's me. No time to post tomorrow but I shall hopefully be popping in on Saturday have a fab Friday x x


Any weekend plans?

I am off to Hastings tomorrow after my 6pm Bikram class. I have clients to train Saturday morning/afternoon then the weekend is mine to be shared with the kitty's : )


  1. Kitty sitting sounds fun, have a lovely time! I am working all weekend but going home to Wales on Sunday evening, very excited!

  2. Sorry to hear you had such a bad class! Happens to the best of us..
    But kitty sitting sounds great! I love cats so much, they're the funniest little beings.
    Have a good weekend hun!

  3. Hope your ok chick xxx Hope you enjoy your weekend with the kitties, I'll be spending mine with James, a pile of DVD's and a bottle of red :-)

  4. Hope your weekend is nice and chilled out! Your eats look delicious :)