Sunday, 14 August 2011

Kitty Nieces

Hey blogger buddies how we doing?!
I'm all good, I've had a fab weekend with my kitty nieces at my weekend retreat which is my sisters flat. Jes has the nicest flat it makes me long for my own home : (
Anyways I have some catching up to do, not having blogged since Thursday


I was working at the shop Friday so had plenty of time to make breakfast, green smoothie galore!

After this filling green swampy mix I made my way to town

For lunch I made lettuce roll ups filled with falafels, hummus and pepper

Delish! After work I went to Bikram before heading to Hastings.


Saturday morning I got up and made a yummy fruit salad topped with soy yogurt, cinnamon and toasted nuts.

Tummy filled I was off to train my Hastings clients : )

I finished work around 2.30pm and was super hungry so filled up on roasted veggies and steamed veggies!

Sweet potato chips, yum!

Steamed veggies never fail to tantalize my taste buds!

The cats were chilling when I got back, one in her bed and the other......

On the side! Look at her, she's like "AND" ha ha

I'll be honest the evening saw me eat some pretty hideous things, I'm not gonna list them off but put it this way I am on a low sugar and eating fresh natural foods for a long while, I've been out of control this past few months but am back on my health kick!


Today again breakfast was fruit salad topped with the same as Saturday

I spent the morning dying my hair and hanging with my kitty nieces

Awwwwwwww too cute!

I just love them!

Yes I love love love them! It has been a pleasure to kitty sit for my sister : )

For Lunch I had a tuna salad topped with black sesame seeds and dill & lemon oil

Wow this was sooooooooo good! It was also very filling which was just what I needed because after lunch I said farewell to the kitty's and drove back to Brighton. Once there I got ready to go to Bikram and off I went again

My balance was a little off today but all in all it was a good class, when I got home I made a smoothie topped with seeds and some rice cakes with peanut butter on the side

Jeez that was a long post are you still with me?!
Well if you are I hope you enjoyed my catch up, I really enjoyed having the weekend to myself. Luckily I enjoy my own company oh and that of some very cute kitty's!

I hope your weekend has been as good as mine? I have a busy week ahead but whats new right?
It starts with Monday off though which is pretty sweet : )
Until tomorrow x x x


Dogs or Cats?

I have to admit I had a cat that I loved so much but I lost him to cancer years ago now. For me the next pet I own will be a dog fingers crossed, I loved my cat and could never replace him but I have never had a dog and long for a tiny little rat of a dog! ha ha


  1. Aww those kitties are just gorgeous! Love the eats as well :)

  2. I am more of cat person. we had them since such a young age and find them such good company we have siamese and they are so human like

  3. Awww cute pics of the kittys...super cute! :)

  4. Those cats are so cute! I do love cats but if I were to have a pet I would love a little dog :-)

  5. I couldn't choose between the two, I love them both but for different reasons.

    Hope you're ok after thursday xxx