Friday, 26 August 2011

Indulgent Carob Pudding?

Hey Hey! How are we all?
I'm better now than I was earlier but we'll get to that in a bit. I've had a busy couple of days and I have a busy weekend ahead but that's life!

I have two days worth of eats for you to peruse so get comfy and enjoy...........


Instead of going to my early morning yoga class I decided to go after work which meant plenty of time to make breakfast before work at the shop

Giant berry/spinach and vanilla smoothie topped with seeds and chopped hazelnuts

This was as always delish : )

After breakfast I made grabbed my stuff and made my way to the shop

Mid morning I was really peckish so had a nakd bar.........

and some raw veggies and hummus, not together mind you!

When lunch time came round I was still hungry so my giant bowl of veggies mixed with sardines hit the spot I was stuffed!

A few hours later I did have an apple with yogurt and seeds to give me extra yoga fuel : )

After work I went to Bikram then straight after that I went to train a client which meant I didn't get home till 9.30pm

I was hungry, again! I needed something quick so settles for a bowl of cornflakes topped with strawberries, coconut flour and rice milk which was so good! Plus I haven't fed my cornflake addiction for ages : )


Today I got up early to make breakfast and lunch before heading out to train a client before work at the shop

For breakfast I had an amazing bowl of goodness! Gluten free oats mixed with vanilla sun warrior protein powder, topped with strawberries, soy yogurt and chopped hazelnuts. This really was an amazing bowl of breakfast love! Tummy happy I went to train my client in the rain : (

Mid day snackage: raw veggies

Lunch was raw veggies mixed with tuna and some mayo

Followed by a nakd bar, Holland and Barrett have these in their penny sale so I have indulged!

I was supposed to go to yoga after work but felt a big crappy
(area manager was kinda rude to me today)
By the time I got home I felt even worse because I didn't go so I threw on my trainer and some shorts and went for a run. Only 35 minutes but it felt good : )

Got home and freshened up then had a fab dinner, steamed veggies mixed with some chicken and red pepper pesto topped with some sweet potato I boiled then fried in a little coconut oil, really yummy

I felt the need for an indulgent pudding:

Carob soy yogurt:
4 squares of no added sugar carob melted then stirred with some soy yogurt
topped with strawberries and coconut flour mixed with a little water and 1/3tsp maple syrup

Wow this was a really good pudding, which tasted naughty but was actually not that bad!

I have an early start tomorrow gotta be in Hastings for 8.30 so best get my stuff sorted.


Any fun weekend plans?

I am working tomorrow, Sunday and Monday so not much fun over here!

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  1. Oh boo for having to work all weekend, and it sucks that your area manager was rude, I can see why you fancied that lovely pud! I've been shopping this morning and plan to do as little as possible for the rest of the weekend if I can help it!