Sunday, 7 August 2011

Do You Dunk?

Good evening bloggers, how we doing?
I'm good, worked all day in shop then went to Bikram, which was another great session!
I didn't get to sleep till pretty late last night but as always my lovely body clock had me up nice and early, 6am to be precise! I at least had plenty of time to shower, wash hair and fix lunch/breakfast before work!

After my shower and a large coffee I made breakfast. A giant fruit salad which included apple, grapes and strawberries topped with soy yogurt, coconut flour, ground seeds/berries and almonds.

Lunch sorted I was out the door on my way to work.

I had a mid morning urge to dunk!

Tea and a chocolate digestive or 2 for dunking!
It is Sunday after all : )

Lunch time and it was my last wrap!

The only difference was the addition of some sprouted pulses

More treats! Another soy desert with some trail mix : )

I finished work at 5 but yoga was not until 6 so I stayed at work as its just 2 minutes away and read my new book. My colleague brought it in for me to read and I haven't put it down all day, we were really busy........not!

I had a fab class and am chuffed I actually waited around and went, that really is dedication on a Sunday wouldn't you say!?

I didn't get back till 8 so I knew exactly what I wanted, green monster!

I absolutely can't wait till tomorrow, it will all be revealed either tomorrow or Tuesday depending if I have time to post tomorrow after my exciting evening!

I have the day off, that I can tell you, and I plan to go to Bikram in the morning. I have an appointment with my osteopath for a click and a sports massage which I can't wait, my leg is really starting to get me down, god knows what I've done to it! Then after that my sister is popping over to Brighton and that's when the fun really starts : )

Have a fab Monday x x x


Are you a biscuit dunker?

Well its obvious that I am!


  1. I never buy biscuits but someone brought some into work and offered me one a few months ago, so nice lol I'd forgotten how nice biscuits dipped in coffee is! I had about 4 hehe

  2. Love dunking biscuits.. great for a pm break :).
    I wish I could read at work but I sometimes sneakishly read blogs hehe.
    I hope you didn't injure your leg! :(

  3. I am definitely a dunker! I'm really intrigued as to what you are u to tomorrow! Love your glasses!

  4. Ooh I can't wait to hear what your exciting evening is! I'm a dunker for sure too!

  5. Oooh i want to hear what you're up to!
    I don't really drink hot drinks so i'm not too much of a dunker, although i have been known to dunk a chocolate chip cookie in a glass of milk...mmmm...