Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Communal Shower Fear

Yay I'm here with time to post, the small things in life are what make happy : )
So I have had a busy but fun couple of days, I hope your week has got off to a good start?
Lets go back in time to yesterday shall we.............


I planned to go to Bikram at 10am which gave me plenty of time to enjoy a fruity breakfast.
I had a bowl of chopped apple and strawberries topped with sunflower seeds, soy yogurt and ground linseeds and berry mix. This was so fresh and delicious : )

After a good couple of hours my breakfast had settled and I made my way to yoga.........

Ok so lets get to the title of this post....I go to Bikram as you all have probably guessed! If any of you lovelies go you will know that you literally melt and get covered/soaked in sweat! Well I have a real problem with walking around naked in front of strangers and at my yoga school there are only communal showers so up until now I have been leaving class sweaty and washing at home. This is gross I know but I hate the whole naked thang..........I have had to face my fear and start showering there because I just can't go sweaty anymore! To be honest its not too bad as I get in and out quick then hide in a corner looking like a crazy person trying to dress without showing any of my body! Not that I care if I look crazy cause what I got is not for show unlike the other naked freaks that let it all hang out with no problems I wish they were a little more like me as i don't wanna see it! ha ha ha ok rant over

Home and not sweaty I had an iced coffee before fixing lunch

I had my fav sardine, noodle and peanut butter combo

So good!

I also had a rocket lolly before getting into my sweat box of a car and driving to Hastings to train my clients there.


I got up early to go to Bikram before work, and as I am facing my communal shower fear I can go before work and be nice and get ready there. Plus my yoga school is literally a minute away from work which is handy. I took some cornflakes, seeds and an apple for breakfast and ate it at the shop.

For lunch I had roasted vegetable couscous, mackerel and watercress

I also had another apple and some trail mix

I was a little peckish come 4pm and I was not coming straight home so I had a yummy snack thanks to Kallo. These are really good just enough flavor that isn't over powering I will definitely be getting some of these!

Tasty! Ooooooo these are my new specs!

After work I went to Sk:n for a microderm treatment for my face, if you wanna catch up on that subject you can here. The treatment was fine a little sore but all good and I didn't come out to red faced which was good. Hopefully this treatment along with the products I bought will help me get the skin I dream of!

Home and hungry I made a veggie and egg scramble

Very yummy indeed

I also had some strawberries and blackberries topped with soy yogurt, coconut flour and seeds

I have an early start tomorrow, 7am client then I'm in the shop for the day.

I have some exciting things coming up to share with you but my lips are sealed for now. One big change that is coming I have to tell one other person first before broadcasting on here, not that this person reads my blog but you can never be too careful right?

Ok I'm done for the day, washing needs to be sorted be fore bed. I shall bid you goodnight have a fab hump day!


Communal showers yay or nay?

NAY NAY NAY! I hate them but alas I must get over it : )


  1. Nay for me! I am of the 'go home sweaty' clan.
    I had cous cous, mackerel and salad leaves for my lunch today too! I mixed it all together and it was delicious.
    I hope your skin products work for you! I'm at a loss with my skin at the moment.

  2. I think I'd leave sweaty too! Love your new glasses. x

  3. If I work out after work I shower at home.. If it's pre-work I shower there.. But they have seperate showers so it's not that big a deal :)

  4. Nay! I usually leave the gym sweaty and shower at home too. I don't mind communal changing rooms as you can be discrete but I don't like showers!