Monday, 22 August 2011

Boozy Boozy

My god what a weekend, I have to admit I'm still feeling a little worse for wear!
People asked what I drank my reply to this was "what didn't I drink!"
Yes it was a wild Saturday night but I am back on my quest for health leaving the weekend as a distant memory...........but before I forget it completely let me tell you what I got up too!


After a yummy breakfast of apples topped with soy yogurt, nuts and cinnamon I trained my first clients. I only had 2 sets and onceI had finished I went to meet my sister and we went for a skate along Hastings seafront before heading to the Boyley Jam (BMX Jam). We stayed there for most of the day catching up with old friends and watching the craziness those boys get up to on their bikes!

We got back to Jes's and made a yummy dinner. Stir fried veggies with quorn in a curry sauce.

Dinner was really good, once it had settled i got myself ready for the evening ahead. It was a really boozy night, with a mixture of alcohol! I had a fab night though so it was worth the sore head!

My sister and friends, Chloe, Judith and EmmaLi

Hmmmmmm the shots were the end of me!


I woke up with the sorest head EVER! I felt like I had been run over, I'm so getting too old for this kind of behavior! Ha ha ha

Sunday was also a food frenzy! I ate so much including the beast of a potato above, cookies and indian! It was a yummy and I enjoyed my lazy day hanging with my sister and her husband but I defo need to get back on the straight and narrow! I was going to go to yoga today but feeling a little dehydrated is not a good way to go into class so roll on tomorrow when I get to get back on the yoga train!

I'm off out to go and look at my new room again then train a client so I hope to pop in tomorrow but I am back to Hastings to train peeps so I wont promise anything!


When was your last killer hangover, was it worth it?!

I know I am a health and fitness blogger kind of but everyone's gotta let loose sometimes right!?


  1. YES, you've gotta let loose once in a while!

  2. of course you got to let loose! a healthy attitude is a balance between work and play. life would be boring if it was all about being good;) the last killer hangover was after my birthday! and yep was defintly worth it just about lol. first time in years I let my hair done.

  3. Oh my gosh! I also had a hangover on Sunday morning! I had a long(ish) run scheduled but had to push it back til the evening because I could not function at all first thing!
    Sometimes it has just got to be done!

  4. I'm all for having a boozy night of dancing every now and again! I've not had a really bad hangover in awhile, as long as I don't need to be anywhere the next day and can sleep it off I'm fine!

  5. My last killer hangover was not worth it!! I hope my next one will be though ;-)

  6. I always think the hangover is worth it when you have a good time. I can so not handle my drink now though, I had a couple of cocktails and shots on Saturday night, its definitely mixing your drinks that gives you the bad head!