Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Big Move

Good evening : )
I hope we have all had a good day?
Mine has been pretty average nothing exciting, oh other than sorting out my moving date! Yes folks the 1st of September I shall be moving!!!!!!!

The rain was coming down this morning so my client changes her session to Friday which meant I had plenty of time to have breakfast before working at the shop.

It was pretty much the same as yesterday. A berry/spinach vanilla smoothie

Twas delicious and filled my belly before having to leave and head out into the crappy weather!

The shop was quiet and by 11am I felt peckish.......

I had a couple of rice cakes with pure spread.........

and some raw veggie sticks

a couple of quiet hours later it was lunch time!

I had tuna with veggies. I drizzled udo oil and lemon over the tuna and veggies before packing it up this morning

A little pot of red pepper hummus for dipping on the side

I followed my savory with a little sweet : )

I went to Bikram after work and about an hour before had a couple of un-pictured boiled eggs. They powered me through a very hot class!

I got home and made dinner straight away!

Chicken with veggies in a tomato pesto sauce

Followed by a bowl of fruit topped with soy yogurt and grounded seeds/berries

Thursday is going to be a long day, I have work at the shop then I'll go to Bikram before training a client. I could go to the 7am class but I don't really fancy getting up at 5am'ish not tomorrow!

I have lots to sort out before the big move so the next week or so are going to be manic but I am so excited I don't care! Roll on my second chapter of Brighton life : )


I know moving is stressful but whats your favorite part about the big move?

Mine is when you have everything in the room, unpacking the boxes and finding all your things there new home and when they're sorted just sitting back on my bed and soaking up my new EXCITED!


  1. We normally have Indian on the eve after we move ..... there is ALWAYs the local menu on the door mat, it's like they know ;-)

  2. OMG exciting- can't wait to hear how the move goes!! yayayayay!

  3. How exciting! Moving is so good for clearing out excess rubbish... it's so therapeutic. Before coming to Oz, I got rid of so much stuff, and it's nice knowing I'll be going back to a simple space that's not full of junk :)

  4. Ahhh I bet you're so excited! My favourite bit is the same as yours, when you're finished unpacking cos I hate unpacking with a passion!

  5. I love moving, its so exciting! I had a bit of a similar moment last night when I lay on my new bed for the first time, so happy! Hope the move goes well :-)

  6. Good luck with the move. It can be stressful, but so exciting!

  7. My favourite part.. would be when I have everything unpacked. So basically when all the hard work is done and I can sit back and relax. :)
    I hope all the packing goes smoothly! Will you have a long weekend too?