Thursday, 4 August 2011

Another Quick Hello

Hello another late post = another quick post!
I've had the day off but its been pretty busy with what I cannot say just yet you'll have to wait sorry! So I shall give you a quick run through before I rush off to make my bed and go to sleep!

I actually made it to my 7am Bikram class despite the torrential rain, dedication or madness?
After an ok class (I was very unbalanced today?) I came home and ate a big fruit salad topped with soy yogurt, coconut flour, milled seeds/berries and almonds!

So good and so refreshing!

Late morning snack or rice cakes and peanut butter before heading out for an appointment.............

A late lunch the same as yesterday!

And I'll probably eat the exact same tomorrow too, the wraps are open and wont keep so its my duty to eat them!

My poor blender somehow managed to make some protein ice cream much to its disgust!
I actually have a new one winging its way to me as I write this, I cannot wait to get it!

Chocolate and vanilla protein ice cream topped with mini marshmallows!

Oh and chia seeds, this bad boy was a joy to eat : )

Dinner was also a yummy delight I had:

Tuna, pulses, veggies in a pesto/mayo sauce

Ok that was short and sweet!
I wont be around tomorrow I'm heading to Hastings straight after work to spend the night at my sisters then I have a full morning of clients. 2 new ladies which is exciting : )

Have a fab Friday peeps x x


Any weekend plans?

Its all work and no play for me : (


  1. My weekend will probably just be spent catching up with stuff and seeing a few friends and family. Luckily I managed to get a few jobs done during the week so I'm hoping that at least Sunday can be a chill day!

  2. mmm i always fancy eating tuna after seeing it on your blog :)