Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Guess what being a blogger is the best, especially when you get to go and review a raw food restaurant! Yep last night was MIA because I went to review aloka's raw restaurant. It is in Brighton, lucky me, and I had been told how good it was so when an invite arrived in my inbox I was so excited! I took my sister Jes to have the meal with me and boy did we get treated............

We arrived at aloka after trailing around the shops all afternoon, we had worked up an appetite!

We were seated at the window, table for 2, and given the menu which might I add was so enticing I had no idea what to go for!

The restaurant was very fresh looking, the seats very comfy and the waitress very friendly

After finally choosing I sat for a while just taking in the loveliness for our surroundings

We were then sent an appetizer from the chef!

Spinach leaf topped with a dehydrated tomato, avocado cream, blackberry and dehydrated carrot!

OMG this was divine!

Jes had a red wine.......

I was driving so no booze for me!

I had a fresh juice that included pear, mint and fennel. Wow taste sensation!

We decided to share a starter to leave room for our main and pudding!

This was a celeriac dip with raw crackers, so pretty!

Boy O Boy this was amazing! It had the texture of mouse and was just so creamy : )

For my main I had Botanical Living special

These were a basil leaf topped with spiced pineapple and nuts, chili and corinader

Macadamia nut and mushroom randang wrapped in a banana leaf on top of a raw salad and basil and chia seed 'sticky rice'

Wowzas! This truly was fabulous, the flavors so pure and yummy I could of eaten 2 randangs!

Jes had the seasonal curry

The sticky coconut rice was like rice pudding and the soup so fresh on the palette!

Some how we had to fit pudding in?! Well we forced ourselves in the name of the review!

Jes had a raw chocolate cashew mouse topped with goji's

I had the raw chocolate cheese cake!

The passion fruit drizzle really complemented the cheese cake.

After this I was ready to burst! I have to say the food was insanely good and I can't wait to go back. They also have a cafe in the day which I will be checking out for sure. The service was brilliant and well the food I have to say it again was AMAZING! Thank you so much aloka for the invite I will be telling everyone to get their butts to your restaurant and tantalize their taste buds!


Have you ever been to a restaurant to review the food, do you eat raw?

This is the first restaurant review I have had the pleasure of going to and it really didn't disappoint, now I have a new blender I'm gonna get on with reviewing my raw cook book!


  1. Haha, told you it was amazing! Glad you enjoyed it. As you know I'm loving my raw foods so that meal would have been wonderful, I'd like to go to Brighton again just to visit that place again!

  2. This restaurant looks amazing, I want to go even more now after seeing all your pictures! x

  3. Woaaah!!! all of that food looks amazing!

  4. I've never been to a Raw restaurant, but I have to say that looks fab!

  5. WOW that looks so good! I've never seen such beautifully presented food :D
    Glad you had a good time!!

  6. WOW! That looks amazing, i've never seen food presented so beautifully :)
    Glad you had a great time!!

  7. Oh gooooood this looks so good! I have to go to Brighton asap! :)

  8. Wow, this looks and sounds amazing - so pretty! I've never eaten in a raw food restaurant but will definitely give this a try. Yum!

  9. Only ever been to the cafe, ate the raw food they had, and a raw cheesecake- defiantly tasty!
    i really want to save up to go to the restaurant on a special occasion! i have to agree, the presentation is amazing!