Tuesday, 23 August 2011

8am Lie In

Good Morning!
Here I am nice and early, no time later so thought I'd get a post in now. I have an hour or so before my Bikram class which by the way I can't wait for! Its been 4 days, and my body is longing for the heat and the challenge! I decided not to go to the 7am class and actually slept till 8am! That is one hell of a lie in for me : )

I got up and made a giant berry/spinach and vanilla smoothie topped with seeds

I have also got my lunch/snacks and bag sorted for Hastings. I'm going to go to the 11.30am class then drive straight to Hastings. I plan to pop in to see my papa and then my sister Jes before heading to my first client. I have clients till 8.30pm which means not getting back to Brighton till 9.30/10pm! Its gonna be a long day!

And a grey day it seems! Not exactly an appealing looking day, bring back the sun and take the drizzle away! Well enough wishing for the sun I must get ready to get sweaty and get back into my yoga swing, have a fab day peeps x x x


  1. The weather is TERRIBLE!! I got up and got depressed because it's all grey and dull.. Booo!!!
    Hope you're having a good day though.. :)

  2. 8am is a lie-in for me too nowadays!
    Hope that yoga goes well and that the sunshine peeks through those horrible grey clouds... it's been raining all morning here :(

  3. Sadly I think the sun has gone until next summer. :(

  4. Hope you enjoyed your yoga class!

  5. that smoothie looks so good! I usually just have green ones. I need to try adding berries

  6. I love the view from your window!