Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Hello and good evening!
I hope your week has started well and your enjoying the good weather?
I certainly am! I had a very busy day yesterday with no time to post so we have a little catch up and I also want to share some fab reviews........

First off look what I was lucky enough to receive!
I was asked to review this fab recipe book. The recipes are all raw and look so yummy!

I have eaten some raw foods but have never really made any for myself so I can't wait to try some of these recipes.

Especially the deserts!

I blogged the other day about the yummy package I received from whole earth and kallo oragnic which you can read about here. So obviously I have been tasting the peanut butter and what better way than sandwiched between 2 yummy rice cakes?

I have come to a decision that I am definitely a crunchy peanut butter kinda girl. Don't get me wrong I would never turn my nose up to smooth but given a choice crunchy wins every time!

Ok lets get to the recap shall we............

Tuesday morning I got up early to get t my 7am Bikram class

Every time I walk there I pass 2 pieces of graffiti that I really like and always think I must take a photo so Tuesday I did. This fist one is on a window sill I really love the simplicity of it

and this one I just think is amazing, its also soon to be taken down so I am glad I got a shot before that happens!

After a good class and freshening up I was pretty hungry so I fixed myself a giant bowl of cereal topped with an apple, coconut and seeds nom nom nom

After breakfast I had to quickly throw a dish together to take to a bring a dish birthday lunch before heading to Hastings to train my first client. Client trained I went and picked up my sister Jes and we went to lunch........

I made a giant quinoa salad which included - quinoa, grated carrot, pepper, spring onions, fresh basil and seeds I made a dressing from olive oil and lemons - wow what a yummy dish I made! I also got some alfafa sprouts

I added a tin of mackerel to my plate, the others had quiche

My sister made brownies I ate........2! I just couldn't resist they are too good!

Once we had finished lunch we chatted for a good hour then it was back to work for me. I spent the evening training clients before heading back to Brighton

Today was another early start I had to take a client running so I got up extra early to eat some rice cakes and peanut butter for running fuel! We ran for 20 minutes then did a toning set:

sumo squats, double lunges, press ups, dips, v sits, balanced leg crunches 15 reps x 2

We then ran another 20 minutes back.

I got home and wasn't really very hungry after my early morning rice cakes so I ate some fruit, soy yogurts and seeds to give me some yoga fuel.

Breakfast no.2 settled I made my way to Bikram. The class was really quite today which I liked, sometimes there is so many people its hard to get focused!

Lunch was insanely good today, I had left over quinoa salad and alfalfa sprouts, raw mushrooms, falafels and lemon & coriander hummus! This was so good I may have to repeat it tomorrow : )

This afternoon I had a skin assessment at sk:n. My skin has never been great but recently it has been really bad and has start to get me down so I decided to get some advice. They are really nice and friendly in there so I felt instantly at ease. My assessment ummmm was an eye opener to say the least! I actually wanted to cry afterward, I had to go under this lamp and it highlighted all the sun damage jeez I didn't realize how bad it was! Anyway I have decided to get some treatments done so watch this space...........

Well its back to reality for me tomorrow I have my first day in the shop in 21 days! I'm looking forward to seeing my work colleagues but I must admit this has been way to good having all this time to myself and just doing my PT work which isn't like work as I love it so much!

I have some exciting things coming up over the next few weeks and I can't wait to share them with you but for now I shall say good night x x


Have you ever had a skin assessment, were you shocked with the results?

I was shocked and pretty upset I never want to see that vision again!


  1. I have never has a skin assessment, I am sure it would not be great! I always wear suncream when out and about as I do burn easily, but I have a lot of freckles and stuff around my eyes so I think I prob have some sun damage. I have to say that brownie looks amazing. Amazing! :)

  2. I've never had a skin assessment but I know that the sun damage would be bad, I got sunburned a lot when I was younger and I don't think its done me any favours! Although I'm lucky not to get a lot of spots I do have enlarged pores, I really fancy trying some micro dermabrasion sometime to see if that would help. Such a shame about that graffiti, I think I know which bit of Brighton your in, I love all of that and think its beautiful!

  3. I actually walked past sk:n yesterday and wondered what the treatment is like. I've never had skin problems and think my skin is rather average.. but it would be interesting to hear what pros say.

    I loooove that Star Wars graffiti! So sad they want to remove it. Some people just don't appreciate art.

    I'm planning to go to my first Bikram class tomorrow so I'll finally see what the buzz is all about! :)

  4. I've never had a skin assessment, but I would be interested to see what they would tell me. The books looks fab. I can't wait to see what you cook up! x

  5. i'm loving all the alfalfa sprouts! i miss growing my own...

    i've not had a skin assessment, but i can tell you that my skin is only totally clear when i'm not eating any vegetable oils, apart from butter and coconut oil. it's in so much processed stuff, that it's hard to steer clear of, but even frying in olive oil gives me a spot.

    anyway, i hope all is well :)