Friday, 22 July 2011

Peanut Butter I Just Can't Get Enough

WooooHoooooo its Friday!
This makes me very happy especially as I have the weekend off : )
My day so far has been great, I got up early to have some cornflakes then got ready to meet my client. We went for an hour run/tone up along the seafront in the sun which was a great start to the day. I then ran back to my car to grab my yoga stuff and made my way to Bikram which was great after a run : )

I have a few other bits I didn't add to yesterday's post so I thought I'd throw them in here.....

I don't usually go for convenience meals but when I saw this I thought it was worth a try. There are no baddies and the ingredient list is pretty good, I'll let ya know how it tastes.......

I had some left over euros when I got to the airport so I picked up this yummy dark chocolate and almond bar : )

I also got these carob drops in one of the many health food shops we visited! I can't seem to find them anywhere in the shops anymore, I know you can buy them online but sometimes I just wanna pay cash and have what I want straight away so I was very happy when I saw these : )

When I got back on Tuesday I had a big parcel waiting for me..........

Look what the kind people at Kallo/Whole earth sent me to review!

1 jar of organic smooth peanut butter and 1 smooth organic, 1 pack of original rice cakes and 1 unsalted

1 pack sea salt and balsamic vinegar rice cakes, 1 pack chilli rice cakes, 1 jar original smooth peanut butter and 1 crunchy original

I am in peanut butter heaven!
I got straight to work to get some included into a meal yesterday.......

I added a big spoonful of crunchy original to a sardine and noodle mix!

I steamed some veggies, mashed some sardines and peanut butter added some noodles and enjoyed this delicious mix : )
The peanut butter tasted so good chunky bits through out the dish, nom nom nom!

Today I had some mackerel mixed with steamed veggies in a pepper pesto with the chilli rice cakes on the side

These are sooooooooo good! I haven't seen them before so was quite excited about trying and they didn't disappoint yum yum yum! I will definitely be adding these to the shopping list.

After I had some berries mixed with soy yogurt and topped with some of the sunflower seeds I bought whilst in Ireland, yum!

Right I need to get ready to go to Hastings. I have a couple of clients to train then an evening with my sister and my lovely friend Wayne. I haven't seen Wayne for AGES and I can't wait to hang out with him tonight.

Have a fab Friday x x x


Have you tried the flavored Kallo rice cakes?

Tasted, love!

Whats the weirdest dish you make with peanut butter?

Sardines and peanut butter is pretty weird but tastes so good! People think I'm odd because I add peanut butter to porridge but you guys get it so its not really odd to you!


  1. I think peanut butter is one of those things that can make almost anything taste instantly better! Hope you enjoy having your weekend off and seeing Wayne!

  2. Oh yuuuuum! I love love love Whole Earth Peanut butter!! The Kallo rice cakes are always lovely too <3

  3. I have tried those rice cakes really like the sea salt ones and added bonus they are made with wholegrain rice I think I have had some armite flavored ones too.

  4. I have tried the "hint of Chilli" rice cakes before but wasn't enamoured with them, they stuck in my throat (the flavour/spices did anyway) ..... now that peanut butter, thats a totally different story I LOVE that peanut butter tooooo much :-)

  5. I love Kallo rice cakes, the dark choc ones are amazing. Lucky you getting all those products to try! x

  6. I don't know why but i never add peanut butter to savoury things. you've inspired me to give it a go :D
    Enjoy your yummy goodies - those rice cakes are really tasty.

  7. What a wonderful parcel to receive! Whole earth is my fave pb. I will have to try this pb and sardines combo, I am trying to eat sardines occasionally and this may get me to!

  8. I've not tried those Kallo crackers, but I luurve Whole Earth PB! The crunchy one is my fav!