Friday, 8 July 2011

My Week So Far

Well it seems like only yesterday that I wrote my last post which was actually on Sunday!
Now its Friday, this week has flown by that's for sure. Its been all work and no play for me, so I can't wait till the end of the week when my all play and not much work month begins! I have some random photos from the past few days, I'm going to keep this short and sweet as I am up early but do have to get ready for job no.2. I just couldn't stay away any longer!


Monday was an all work day and by the time I had left my last client at 7.30pm I had no energy for yoga : (

I started my day with a gluten free muesli and cornflake mix, topped with an apple, coconut and rice milk.

For lunch I had a mix of veggies, tuna and quinoa


I was up early for my 7am Bikram class, which was just what I needed. What I didn't need was to return to my car and discover I had left my side lights on! DOH! Yep you guessed it flat battery!

Drenched from yoga, I had to wait for the AA again! 1hr and 15mins later I was rescued and could get on my way. I had to get ready very quickly and get on the road to Hastings.

First client trained I made my way to my sisters to hang out and eat lunch. I had quinoa, veggies and 2 boiled eggs, delicious : )

Before leaving to train more clients I loved the kitty's a little

So cute!


Up early to train client in the rain : (

Then off to job no.2

Lunch was veggies, quinoa (I have lots to use up!), and hummus

Followed by a bowl of fresh raspberries, soy yogurt and trail mix.

After work I went straight home and did a mean resistance band workout before heading to another clients house.


Lesson of the day: always check phone before heading to meet a slightly unreliable client because the day you don't she WILL cancel and you will be waiting around for nothing!

Back home breakfast time! Cornflakes, strawberries, coconut, seeds, raisins and rice milk

So filling, so good, SO MY FAVORITE right now : )

Off I go to job no.2

Snack: rice cake and almond butter

Lunch: quinoa, eggs, veggies

I also had a deliciously ripe mango the last of my raspberries, soy yogurt and some trail mix

After work I went straight to Bikram and had a very HOT but very good class more progressions made WOOHOO! I came out needing something to quench my thirst quick: enter some yummy coconut water : )

I got home and freshened up then settled down on the sofa to blog.....hmmmmm my photos wouldn't upload! So that's why I am here now because later I will not have time : (

Ok all caught up? I will hopefully have time to post tomorrow too before the boy gets here. I am in Hastings first thing to train my clients, then hopefully hang with my papa for a bit need my hair dyed too so paps will help with that then home to Brighton. Breath...........

Have a fab Friday peeps x x x x


What have you got loads of in your cupboard that needs to be used up?

Quinoa is top of my list, lucky I never get bored of it!


  1. I love quinoa, yes i do have lots in mu cupboard that needs using up I am a bit of a food hoarder lol. xx

  2. I have so much stuff to use up, at the moment that includes chocolate, snack bars and a few different grains and noodles. I try and rotate them and use different ones each week but I keep coming back to rice and millet!

  3. I always have things in my cupboard that need usuing up. I often forget about things that I have bought previously.

  4. HA, you read my mind .... I've just been in the pantry cupboard and tossed a few out of date items!

  5. Oh no that sucks about your car! I have loads of baking supplies! And tins of tomatoes and kidney beans (but they get eaten quick!)

  6. I was going to purely comment on your yummy looking food photos but then I saw your kitty - cute cute cute!!!! x

  7. Look at that gorgeous kitty! So cute!
    I still have loads of yoghurt in my fridge at the moment, good job they have quite long dates :D