Sunday, 10 July 2011

More Cornflakes!

Is the weekend over all ready!?
Indeed it is but ya know what I'm actually not to sad about it as from today I have no more days at job no.2 till the 28th of July!!!!!!!!!!
I'm really looking forward to the break to be honest : )

Ok so we have another catch up coming up enjoy............


I was at job no.2 in the day. For lunch I had quinoa and veggies topped with a giant dollop of hummus : )

I also had some apple, yogurt and trail mix

I was heading to Bikram after work so about an hour before I ate a nakd bar for fuel


This was a nightmare of a day but it started well and ended better............

I got up early to have breakfast before heading to Hastings to train clients. I had a delicious bowl of cornflakes (can you believe it!) topped with strawberries, coconut, raisins and peanut butter!

After my delicious breakfast I got on the road, everything was fine until I stopped for petrol about 15 minutes away from my first clients. Unfortunately my car decided not to start again! Yes I was broken down AGAIN! Luckily my first clients were actually my sister and her husband and they kindly came to rescue me. He attached his jump leads to my angry car and it started up so I was back on the road. After training my sis I was off to my next client, after training them I got in my car and guess what? It wouldn't start!!!!!!! My clients kind neighbor had some jump leads and again I was on the road. I thought it best to go straight to the engineers, I had to get a new battery. Luckily the kind man got a new battery sent up, fitted it and sorted my car within an hour, life saver! Lucky cause I had to get to my next client with heavy equipment. I did the 1.5hr session with her then went to my dads for hair dying and chatting : )

Saturday ended in a much better way. The boy was here and we went out for a few drinks, maybe one too many if the picture above is anything to go by! (yes that is a toilet shot, classy me!)


I woke up with a sore head, Solpadine to the rescue!!!!!!
After I had a yummy bowl of cornflakes same as yesterday but no strawberries, apple instead

After breakfast it was time to go to job no.2

And so the hangover food begins! I had roasted vegetable couscous with hummus and falafels

Followed by 3!!!!! Of these chocolate macaroons!

Afternoon snack: grapes

I got this curry sauce a while ago and decided tonight was a good time to try it.

Chicken curry with a side of olive tortillas. It kind of looks like sick I know but it tasted really good!

I'm trying to do the eat well all week and have Sundays as a free day. This week has gone as planned so I feel fine about my treat day. I've enjoyed just eating what I fancied and tomorrow I will be back to eating sensibly : )

I'm glad to say the next few days are pretty chilled I have some really fun stuff coming up. Makes a change to hear that from me I bet! I especially can't wait for Tuesday but that's a surprise, then Thursday I am off to IRELAND!!!!!!! To visit my mum and little sister so excited!

Well I think that's enough from me today hope you've had a good weekend x x


What are you looking forward to this week?

Tuesday and Thursday!!!!!!!


  1. Your hair looks lovely :) Don't you love the feeling right after you dye it and its all super soft and conditioned?
    I haven't had cornflakes for ages!

  2. I go on holiday today technically :-) so excited!

  3. You look lovely in your pic! I'm most looking forward to my trip to Florence- I cannot wait! :-)