Monday, 11 July 2011

Mind over Matter

Good afternoon : )
I've come to say hello now because I will be off out to train a client later tonight.
My day has been pretty chilled so far well kind of..........

My first client was at 8am which gave me plenty of time to get up and have breakfast before leaving the house.

Breakfast: cornflakes, cherries and coconut
A great combo, every mouthful was a delight!

I trained a very moody client in a very pretty park. The hour seemed to last a lifetime!
After I made my way to Bikram. Jeez this was a tough class, I was way to dehydrated from the weekend's activities as well as tired and feeling kind of ruff. I actually nearly threw up at one point! I made it throw class though you'll be glad to know, no vomiting! ha ha

I got home got clean and made a tasty lunch.

I topped some curried veggies with some falafel's I had left from yesterday and a dollop of lemon and coriander hummus

I also had a very ripe mango and raspberries with soy yogurt, cinnamon and seeds

I plan to just chill for the afternoon then I'll be off to train a client tonight.

The sun is shining so I should get out and soak up some vitamin D. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rain will stay at bay until late tomorrow as I have a very exciting meet up tomorrow but that's a secret for now! I'm really excited!

Ok enough time to go, have a fab Monday x x


Have you ever been in an exercise class when you thought you just couldn't go?

I really felt crazy in my Bikram class but I followed the words and let my mind keep me strong. They say its MIND over MATTER that mantra totally helped me today : )


  1. I have had a few classes where I just didn't fancy it (mainly aerobics because it is after a busy day at work with staff meeting and morning briefing and stuff)- but normally by the time I get going I have been ok. I have had ones where I went and felt tired the whole time, and then I just took it a little easy on myself.

  2. Hate it when that happends. I've had a few runs where I thought I was going to be sick and had to use the mind over matter mantre. x