Sunday, 24 July 2011

Iced Drinks and Moroccan Salads

Jeez the weekend has gone way too quickly for my liking, can it really be over already?
Booooo yes it can, it is only in the last few months I have minded that the weekends are whipped away so quick. I used to work every weekend so it was just another couple of days but I now quite often have a day or the whole weekend off and I never want them to end!


Friday evening I stayed at my sisters and one of my besties, Wayne, came round for a drink and nibbles. The evening was lovely it was chilled and great to see Wayne. Once he had, left me and my Jes stayed up chatting and when I looked at my watch to see 2.45am I thought time to snooze! Especially as I had to be to train a client at 8am!

For breakfast I had a bowl of muesli topped with an apple, rice milk and Linwoods superfood sprinkle.

After breakfast I went to train my first client, then I went back to my sisters to train her.
Once Jes had freshened up we went to town.......

First stop cafe Nero.
I had the most delicious iced latte with soy milk and SF caramel syrup!
Then we walked to Hastings Old Town to go round the shops and find lunch...........

A new Moroccan restaurant opened recently in Hastings Old Town and as there was a free table me and Jes took the chance to try their offerings........

Jes had some sweet moroccan mint tea

I loved the way it was served so pretty!

For lunch we both had the lemon chicken served on a moroccan salad. This was delicious I enjoyed every mouthful and would definitely return to try more of the menu

The restaurant is adjoined to a moroccan shop where I picked up this pretty jar of tahini. I'm running low and couldn't resist the pretty packaging!

After lunch we went round a few more shops then returned to Jes's

Awwwwww the cats were cuddling when we got back!

I hung out with Jes for a while then jumped into my car and made my way back to Brighton.

Once I got home I had just enough time to shower and eat before the boy arrived.
For dinner I had steamed veg and tuna mayo yum!


While waiting I ate a couple of squares of the dark chocolate I got whilst in Ireland

FYI its melt in the mouth delicious!

The boy arrived and we had to go straight to A&E he had some metal in his eye from welding earlier in day! So we spent nearly 3hrs sitting and waiting in a very stuffy uncomfortable hospital waiting room : (
Thankfully it was fine once the doctor got the metal fleck out so I drove my sore eyed man home

I have had today to myself

I had a friend in one of my boxes this morning!

Once the boy had left I had a delicious breakfast. Cereal topped with strawberries, coconut and sunflower seeds

I have spent the day being very lazy, I planned to go to yoga but it hasn't happened!
I just felt like being lazy so that's what I've done : )

For lunch I made my sardine and peanut butter noodle dish which was tasty, tasty, tasty!

The rest of the afternoon has seen me being just as lazy! I have a very busy week coming up though so I guess I should take the rest while I can!

I hope you have all had a fab weekend and are looking forward to your week ahead, the last of July!!!!!!! Wow August is nearly here!


Have you ever been to a Moroccan restaurant, did you like the food?

I really loved the salad we had, there was pickled lemons included in the dish which were really yummy : )


  1. Not been to a Moroccan restaurant but spent a weekend there in December last year and it was FAB, I love their food. I want to go back and do a cooking course :-)

  2. The Moroccan restaurant looks amazing! x

  3. I've been to Morocco and the food ranged from amazing to awful! I had the worst cup of coffee in my life in Morocco so don't ever go if you can't live without your caffeine!

  4. Looks like you had a great weekend, woo hoo for chilling out when you need to!
    I love those linwoods sprinkles, i have the one with cocoa and berrys :)

  5. So cute! Those kitties look just like Ellie and our brand new baby kitten Ace! <3

    Ive never been to Moroccan! That must change!

  6. ive never been to a morocan food resturant but i love that style of food would defintly go if one was close enough.

  7. I've been to Morocco and the food was amazing - bright and fresh with lots of wonderful tagines and those chicken filo pastry pies (should be pigeon, but most are made with chicken).

    I have an incredible sweet tooth so I can eat baklawa till the cows come home. My favourite pudding is the traditional sliced oranges sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Mmmm! The Middle Eastern love for all things juiced is good too. Nothing's more refreshing than fresh juice when it's so hot. However I did get very ill with food poisoning out there. :(

    I don't think there's a Moroccan restaurant near where I live, sadly.

  8. I've never been to a Moroccan restaurant but I can imagine I would love the food, your salad looks delicious and I bet that tahini is great. I really like that mesa cereal as well :-) Hope your fellas eye is ok!

  9. I've never been to a Moroccan restaurant, but I think the food would be amazing. I've cooked a few Moroccan influenced dishes at home and love their blend of spices.