Friday, 1 July 2011

Come On Saturday!!!!!!

Yay its Friday which means one more sleep till Saturday WooooHooooo!
Are you feeling the same? Also can you believe its July!?
Crazy huh?

I started my day quite leisurely which was nice. My first and only client of the day was at 8.30am which gave me plenty of time to have breakfast at home. I had a mix of cornflakes, gluten free muesli, blueberries, coconut and almonds topped with vanilla rice milk. Twas a delight : )

I got to the gym a little early so I could clear my box out. Because today was my last day at Fitness First! Can't believe I am a free agent feels pretty good I must say. After I trained my client I gathered my things said my goodbyes and made my way to Bikram. I had a fab class and the temperature today wasn't too bad, yesterday I felt like I was going to explode!

I had to go get petrol before going home so I was pretty hungry when I got in but with lunch time looming I just grabbed a rice cake and topped it with almond butter to stop the rumbling while I got showered. Its sound sick but I don't shower at my yoga school. The showers are communal and that's not the way I roll! So I leave sweaty and go home to freshen up : )

Lunch was delicious. I had steamed veg with some left over chicken 1 scrambled egg all mixed with a tom sauce.

After lunch I met my friend Tara and we put some posters and leaflets out round the area then went to town. I had to take some tops back, which I did but instead of getting the money back I exchanged them for some bargain sale pieces.

Back home again all I had on my mind was fruit! Enter a giant fruit salad.

I also had another couple of rice cakes with almond butter, so good!

Well that was my Friday, pretty good all in all.
I am now longing for 6.30pm tomorrow as I get to see the boy : )
Its gonna be a long work day tomorrow at job no.2 that's for sure, but I'm sure I'll cope!

Have a fab weekend my lovelies, I wont be here tomorrow but I'll see ya Sunday x x


What food is making a regular appearance in your diet at the moment?

As you know my addiction to cornflakes and coconut is still going!


  1. I do the same after boxing. And I'm a total sweaty mess after boxing but would much rather shower at home in my own space!

  2. At the moment it is a load of fresh fruit- cherries especially yum.

  3. I never shower at the gym, I always go home and shower. Shared showers are icky. Hope you have a lovely weekend with the boyfriend! I'm currently addicted to mint cornetto's and wholewheat bagels.

  4. Tahini as usual :) Do you have a seperate business website? x