Sunday, 31 July 2011

Bangers and Smash

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend?
Mine has been good and lots of fun. I haven't checked in since Thursday so I have lots to tell and obviously a little rewind to tell you about the past few days.............


I was only working at the shop Friday so there was plenty of time to make breakfast. I topped my usual bowl of cornflakes with some fresh blackberries picked straight from the garden and some seeds.


For lunch I had veggies, mackerel and hummus

Peanut butter rice cake

and an apple gave me plenty of yoga fuel : )

My Bikram class on Friday was insanely hot! The class was so busy and it was a real sweat fest I was soaked within 10 minutes! I got through it though and it finished the week off in a great way.

I was hungry once I got home but couldn't be bothered to fix anything so I went with tuna mayo, peas and a pepper! Lazy but good : )


Saturday I went to London to do a Vipr course! Me and my friend Tara went and felt the burn, it was a great day and I can't wait to buy some of my own to use with clients they are the BOMB!

Saturday night was spent with the boy : )


I worked at the shop today and before leaving home I had yep cornflakes!

Lunch was veggies and 2 boiled eggs

Oh and!

Nom Nom Nom

I had an urge for sausages today which is very very unusual but I went with ii and got some. So my dinner was bangers and smash! Yep sometimes I eat filth too : )

I have to say this was so good, I enjoyed every mouthful!

I have a very busy week ahead which is nothing new but by next Sunday I think I may be feeling pretty shattered! I'm in Hastings tomorrow which means there probably wont be time to post so I guess I'll see ya Tuesday! Have a fab start to you week xx xx


Have you used/trained with viprs?

They really are amazing, we did a couple of circuits which were only 7 minutes long and I actually thought my heart might jump out of my chest! So hard but so so good : )


  1. I've never heard of viprs before, are they nationwide or just down south?

  2. I've never trained with viprs, but I would be interested to find out more about them.

  3. The first time I heard of vipr was when we chatted about it, can't wait to hear more! I have a big craving for bangers and mash now!

  4. I've never heard of vipr either but it sounds like a lot of fun. They look like they kick ass!

  5. Bangers and mash looks so good!