Thursday, 28 July 2011

2ltrs A Day

Good evening!
I'm here very late today but I thought I'd drop in anyway : )
My day has been pretty good even though I was back in the shop and back to an 8hr shift. I know many of you must do that everyday but after 3 weeks off it was tough!

Before I tell you about my day look what turned up! I treated myself, the best thing is though guess what broke yesterday!? MY BLENDER!!!!!!!! Always the way : (

Anyway lets forget about that and see what passed my lips today : )
No clients this morning and not having to be at work till 9.30 gave me plenty of time to have breakfast. Um you would be right in thinking there is a pile of cornflakes under the apple and seeds!

I am addicted!

I left my wet hair in plaits last night so it was frizz city today!

After a slow morning at work it was lunch time..........

I ate the last of my quinoa salad with raw mushrooms, alfalfa sprouts, 2 boiled eggs and hummus

So good!

A while later I had this, yum!

I went out and bought I 2ltr bottle of water today and drank the lot at work. I plan to do that every time I work and also well, every day. After yesterday I need more water to help my skin! I also lose so much at Bikram I don't think I'm getting enough so I'm really gonna try and keep this up!

Once I got home it was dinner time. I ate the left over falafels from yesterday with steamed veggies in a tom sauce

I also ate a rocket ice lolly before heading to my clients house.

Back home and here I am. So that's me done and dusted.
Tomorrow I am in the shop again then its yoga time, have a fun Friday peeps x x


Do you drink enough water?

I thought I did but obviously not the lady yesterday said my skin was dehydrated : (


  1. I drink loads of water! I have a 750ml bottle which I drink at work, and often re-fill at lunch. My glasses at home are 330 ml, and I have one at breakfast, one when I get home, one in the evening (plus water which I take to exercise classes/ when I run). And I have rooibos tea/ mint tea, and only one cup of caffinated tea normally. So I drink a lot- I never used to but since I took up running properly I think I need more, and my body is used to it now. Plus with teaching I talk all day so I get a very dry throat otherwise. Phew, long comment!

  2. i defintly dont drink enough water especially in this heat. those nakd bars are so nice i must eat one of their bars daily.

  3. I drink loads of water, I always have done so my body craves it! Most of my friends only have a drink with their main meals - I don't know how they don't shrivel up through dehydration! x

  4. I drink so much water everyday. It makes me wonder where I put it all. Ha!

  5. I drink loads and loads along with lots of green tea. I tend to have a water bottle on my desk at work all day then I usually have about 6 cups of green tea too! Hope you enjoy the sun warrior, I love it :-) and boo for your broken blender!

  6. I drink tons of water but my skin is still rubbish. I have a 750ml bottle that I refill at least 5-6 times a day, plus I drink tea too.
    That's sad about your blender :( hope you get a new one soon!

  7. I used to be really good with my water intake but I find myself forgettig when I'm at work! :-s

  8. I really don't drink enough, I find I fluctuate depending on the day, but I find keeping a water bottle by my side makes this a lot easier.


  9. I drink absolutely tons of water, I have no idea how the recommended amount to drink is 2 litres and how people struggle to drink that, I don't think it's anywhere near enough, I think I probably drink that by lunchtime! I have tried to cut my water intake back, but I just feel so dehydrated if I drink under 3-3.5 litres.

  10. I add in herbal teas to try to get enough water but I also struggle with it - I just try to always have something on my desk but it can be hard when you are working!