Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Happy Hump Day!
Yes we have hit the half way mark of this week and what a grey half way mark it has been.
Where is the summer I ask myself.....did we have our summer in April? I really hope not I leave the gym in just over 2 weeks and want some nice weather to train my clients outside! I can train them at their houses of course but its nice to get out in the fresh air : )

Today started early, 5.30am to be precise! My first client was at 7 so I made time for breakfast.
I had maca muesli, soy yogurt, strawberries and fresh coconut, this was delicious and insanely filling!

After training my clients I did a 30 minute circuit at the gym before heading to Bikram, the room was crazy hot today but I had a fab class : )

Home fore lunch I wanted something quick and filling.........smoothie time!

I had some rice cakes and tahini on the side : )

Look what the lovely peeps at high five sent me to try! I think I've spoken about sports drinks before so i wont go over it again. I have been thinking sometimes in my yoga sessions water just isn't enough. I need a little something to boost me through especially if its an evening class!

I'm hoping these babies are going to give me that little boost! Its worth a try at least don't ya think? I'll let ya know how I get on : )

I had a few hours to kill before having to head back to the gym so I got comfy on the sofa and somebody else got comfy on me! I seem to have become a cat bed whenever I get settled on the sofa at the moment!

I hated having to move her she looked so content! But I had to head back to the gym so of she went. I felt pretty crappy before training my client but after an hour chatting and laughing my mood was lifted and I feel pretty fab now : )

Home with plenty of time to make dinner, I still kept it easy and quick. 2 boiled eggs steamed and raw veggies mixed in a tom sauce with a dollop of hummus to feed my addiction!

Perfect : )

I also had a fruit salad which included 1/2 a banana, strawberries and an apple topped with soy yogurt, cinnamon and seeds

I have to admit I'm pretty tired after today even though I had a big break in the middle!
I don't have any clients tomorrow so I shall be going to the gym first thing for a workout, I'm then working at job no.2 and after plan to go to Bikram. I guess I better start thinking about bedtime, have a fab Thursday peeps : )


Have you ever tried Zero electrolyte sports drinks?

I'm looking forward to trying this product


  1. I got some Zero free with Women's running a while ago and I love it :D Id love to try some of the other flavours sometime!

  2. I got some free in Women's Running mag, but I found the flavours very strong and a little too sweet- I prefer the nuun ones. But the electrolytes really make a difference esp when I run in the heat.

  3. I keep seeing soy yoghurt popping up everywhere, is it nice? Certainly looks tasty in that bowl :)

  4. If I were you I'd invest in a rain mac and some all weather boots :D

  5. I'm a bit funny about artificial sports drinks, I used to drink powerade but it just tasted so chemically I try and use coconut water now but its so pricey!

  6. I have never tried electrolyte sports drinks so am really looking forwards to your feedback on them.

  7. I've never even heard of Zero drinks, but I will look out for them from now on.

  8. Nay to Bombay but yay to that carob creation you made. That looks good :) x