Friday, 3 June 2011

A Very Sweet Day

Good evening peeps!
Yay its Friday hope you've all had a fab week and are looking forward to the weekend?
I'm working all weekend BOOOOOOO!
I have had a fab day today though, I'm going to rush threw this post as its pretty late and I gotta be up for work tomorrow.......


I started Thursday with a 7am Bikram class then it was off to job no.2 where I ate my breakfast. This was amazing! Coconut flour and oat muesli with soy yogurt and fresh berries : )

Way to quite at work......

Lunch time! I had mackerel, hummus and veggies and ...........

Today I had a client first thing at the gym but had time to have breakfast first : )


Client trained I made my way to Hastings and trained my first client on the seafront in the sun. It was fab I also did the workout with her:

50mins TRX + 30mins run

I hung out with my dad after, he dyed my hair and I ate some tune, veggies and hummus

A little later I met my friend Steve for iced drinks!

Popped to see my sister at the shop she works in, she had cake......

I had a couple of bites of this pretty cherry bakewell, not great i must admit but very pretty!

I trained another client then drove back to Brighton

One of my clients today gave me this home made cake and fresh strawberries from her garden!
I ate this little beauty after my dinner/cereal! Nom nom nom so good!

I had no inspiration for dinner so settled for cereal!

All Bran, soy milk, blueberries, apple and coconut, was actually very tasty!

So its been a pretty great and very sweet day! I think tomorrow will have to be very healthy other than the American diner I'm going to for dinner followed by the sweet chocolate coconut bites i have made for my date, Oops oh well Sunday can be healthy day!

I will say farewell till Sunday lovelies not time to blog tomorrow as its date time : )


Have you ever been to an American diner?

I have never been to the states so this is the next best thing for me, the diner has booths and everything, I'm excited!

P.S I was out in the sun too long and have now got a rouged face, not a great look!


  1. We tried to find one that was open in NYC but we were up to early to go for breakfast! Sometimes cereal just makes the best dinner ;-)

  2. I have been to diners in America- veggie options tended to be grilled cheese sandwich or veggie burgers. But a lot of them did fruit salad for a side instead of chips. I love the whole theme of them with the juke box and booths and stuff though- have fun :)

  3. Hi there! I just came across your blog and it's great! I'll be back for sure - your eats look amazing! :-)

  4. Wow, that cherry bakewell DOES look pretty; pity it didn't deliver all the way with taste :(