Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tasty Btreakfast in a Box

Good evening guys, I'm here late so lets whip through this.......

Monday I started the day with a big bowl of gluten free muesli, banana and rice milk then made my way to the gym to train a couple of clients before heading to Hastings to train my clients there. I also met my papa for his lunch as I didn't get to see him Sunday.

After hanging with my papa I decided to have a quick 30 minute run round the park before heading to my sisters for lunch. I used to always run round the park when I lived in Hastings so it made a nice change : )

I had some tuna mayo and steamed veggies for lunch followed by an apple

Yes I've been at it again, kitty lovin!


I trained another couple of clients before heading back to Brighton, including my brother in law. I beasted him which was fun : )

Today my client canceled her session which gave me time to get a fab workout in at the gym:

15 min interval hill run + 45 min circuit = sweat fest!!!!!!

Freshened with time to spare before having to go to job no.2.....Time to dig into my tasty breakfast in a box! I mixed berries, banana and soy yogurt with.........

Gluten free muesli.......

Mix mix mix..........

To create a fab breakfast! Delicious : )

We were quite busy at work which was nice, thank god for sales!
I had lunch around 2ish, 2 boiled eggs + steamed veggies I also had a cherry-berry nakd bar

About an hour n half before leaving work I ate chopped apple, soy milk and a handful of nuts n raisins. This was yoga fuel! Yep I went to Bikram after work which I so needed!

I have a busy Wednesday coming up so no post tomorrow but I should have plenty of time on Thursday so we'll catch up then.........have a fab Wednesday peeps : )


Did you do anything nice with your papa?

I got a precious 30 minutes I need to sort out some time with my paps I miss him!!!!!


  1. I took mine to the RA Summer Exhibition and to get some woodchip for his chicken coop :D x x

  2. I'm doing fathers day this sun since I was working last sunday :-(

  3. Awww I'm so mega behind with blogs! I wish I could have spent time with my pap.. but he lives quite far away. Oh well. I still haven't been to a Bikram class! I really should give it a go!