Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Spectacles and Ice Lollies

Hey hey, how we doing?
I'm just swell, my Tuesday has been pretty chilled and busy all at the same time!
I'm starting to get really excited about all the things coming up in Tamzin world and think the next few months are gonna be pretty damn good : )

My day started early with my first client at the gym. I went and trained her then came home for breakfast. Smoothie lovin : )

I also had a coffee. After my breakfast was eaten coffee drunk and bag sorted I got on the road to Hastings. I trained my client out in the sun which was great, I also got to use my new bosu ball for her session she loved it!

I went and picked my sister up after dropping my client home. We went back to hers for some good old gossiping : )

For lunch I ate 2 sliced apples and oatcakes with tahini

Easy to pack in my bag and tasty!

The kittens were sleepy.........

My sister loving her baby!

Awwwwwwwww I love these kitty's!

I had a scary experience on the way home to Brighton, my eyes just started stinging, watering and I felt like was gonna go blind! It was soooooo weird I managed to pull over and wipe my eyes, luckily I had my actual glasses with me so swapped sunnies for specs and they felt a lot better.......I think I may have been squinting or something? I have an eye test next week thank god!

Do you wear specs? Not sure what this expression is for!?

I felt like a little run in the sun was in order so when I got in I ate some coconut to fuel my run and about half hour later hit the pavements. I ran for 30 minutes which felt good especially with the sun beating down on me : )

After freshening up I made a big mix of veggies and mackerel


I also had a cider ice lolly : )

I have a pretty easy day tomorrow.
2 clients first thing followed by a circuit at the gym and Bikram. I then have the afternoon to myself with just one client more client at 6pm, see easy!


Do you eat ice lollies?

I am a sucker for ice lollies! Calipos being my favorite especially the strawberry ones : )


  1. I love ice lollies in the summer, I make my own out of frozen smoothies (usually shop bought as if I make a smoothie I want to drink it there and then!). The kittens are so cute :) x

  2. Nothing beats a lager 'n' lime ice lolly on the beach in summer :)
    Glad the next few months look great!

  3. I like homemade lollies made from smoothies too, yum.

  4. I haven't had an ice lolly yet this year, but I really want to have a go at making some myself.

  5. I love ice lollies, calipo's and the ribena ones are my favourite!

  6. i love your frames - they're awesome! Where did you get them? I've been looking for some similar ones...

    I still need to get into making my own ice lollies, as it's so simple and so much cheaper than buying them - perhaps i'll learn when i'm in australia :)