Thursday, 16 June 2011

Overnight Groats!

Good evening, hope all is good in da hood?!
I'm good had a couple of great workouts today and feel great!

I was up early to get a workout in before job no.2, I had a boiled egg and a coffee before leaving the house : )

Ha ha ha ha I also took this photo of my housemates silly cat!

At the gym I did a fab circuit which took an hour. Total sweat fest to start the day : )

Freshened up I ate breakfast and read the paper before heading to job no.2

Breakfast was an experiment that turned out pretty good! I've had some buckwheat groats in the cupboard for ages so decided to boil them up last night. I made some overnight groats!

1/2 c boiled groats, soy yogurt, chia, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds and cinnamon. I them topped this with strawberries this morning. This was really good : )

Mid morning I ate some fresh coconut, work guessed it quiet!

For lunch I had hazelnut tofu salad with hummus

Followed by a mixed berry Trek bar

Nom Nom Nom : )

Before heading to Bikram after work I ate 2 small apples and prepared my Zero drink. I had the cherry and orange flavor drink. I used 2 as it advised to have a stronger flavor. First impressions are good, I'm usually a little more flaggy in the evening classes but today I was ok? I need to give these more of a go obviously as I may just have been more perky today.......we'll see.....

When I got home I was very hungry! I gobbled a rice cake and tahini then showered. Fresh and clean I made some dinner, which is kind of odd but I'm using up the bits and bobs in the fridge:

Tuna, tomato pesto, mayo, mushrooms, spring onions and beets random but tasty!

I have eaten another cider lolly too : )

I have loved both my workouts today and am looking forward to the 2 I have planned tomorrow! Friday is going to be a good day, I have 2 of my favorite clients first thing, I shall have a circuit workout after. I'm then meeting Tara to discuss our fitness group plan in more depth followed by Bikram. I can then go home and chill for the rest of the day as I'm free yay!


Do you have a fun Friday planned? Do you ever workout more than once in a day?

I quite often workout twice a day especially at the moment I have a strength/cardio plan I'm working through to get more toned and obviously my Bikram addiction!

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  1. I love buckwheat, will have to give that a go for breakie! I have worked out twice in one day before - it just depends on my work schedule. I do yoga on a morning and then a work out on an evening a couple of times a week - I always like to try and do something each morning as it sets me up for the day!