Wednesday, 8 June 2011

One Sick Chick

Hey everybody!
I finally have the time and energy to post. I've been a sick chick these past few days, which explains my absence since Sunday! After my Sunday post (thank you for all your good luck messages!) I felt tired and a little odd so i went tp bed only to spend the night being sick! It was a BAD night and totally wiped me out : (
As there has been no post since the weekend this is going to be picture heavy so grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy for a few minutes........

Monday after rearranging all my days sessions I was still feeling worse for wear a night being sick really does take it out of you! I could only stomach water and a couple of plain rice cakes mid morning. I spent the day feeling sorry for myself in bed, ice lollies also helped me feel better.......

By Monday evening I felt a little better and pretty hungry so I had some plain roasted veggies and smash which stayed down and hit the spot


I had to work in Hastings Tuesday. After a good nights sleep I felt a little more human and was hungry for breakfast........

All Bran, alara Maca muesli, soy milk and a sliced apple was the perfect fuel before heading to Hastings. I went straight to my first client then after decided to have a little training session for myself:

1hr Trx training + 20 min seafront run!

Um what was supposed to be a light workout turned into a total sweat fest, I think I should have gone a little easier as today I feel pretty battered more on that later.....

After my beast of a workout I popped into the health food shop to grab some lunch before heading to my sisters. I picked up a millet, pepper and lentil slice and a coconut water. The slice was ok not great though.

I also got a raspberry and passion fruit soy yogurt

I put this on top of an organic pear, yum : )

As I was at my sisters I couldn't stop myself from taking a few shots of my favorite 2 felines

They're just too cute and i love the fact that when I get there they rush to say hello!


Ok, ok enough with the kitty love! I left my sisters late afternoon to train my next client. Before heading back to Brighton I also trained my sister and her hubby.

Fr dinner I had sardines mashed with an aubergine pesto and served with steamed veggies and a dollop of hummus

This was followed by a bowl of sliced apple and strawberries topped with soy yogurt, cinnamon and seeds

Today I was up early to get to the gym for my first client, I felt pretty run down when I got up to be honest. 2 clients trained it was time to make my way to job no.2

I ate my breakfast when I got there. I made some overnight oats last night then topped with a chopped apple. Tummy filler!

The morning dragged and I felt tired with no energy so Jill my work colleague said to go home, I obviously jumped at the chance. I really didn't feel like talking to customers I just wanted my PJ's and the sofa!

I was home by 3pm which meant I was real hungry by then so for my late lunch I had a raspberry and peanut flour smoothie topped with coconut and seeds with rice cakes, tahini and cinnamon on the side

PJ's on and my spot the sofa secured I am relaxing my sore muscles, sore from being ill and sore from my beast of a workout yesterday! I can be my own worst enemy sometimes!

Hopefully an evening of relaxing should leave me feeling fine for tomorrow, I'm dying to get back into the heated Bikram room as tomorrow will make it a week since I last practiced! Hello withdrawal symptoms! I like to do at least 3/4 classes a week and am not keen on leaving such a break so I plan to go tomorrow, Friday and Saturday and I can't wait : )

Ok enough from me I'm going to enjoy the rest of my chill out afternoon and rest up before tomorrow. Can't believe its Thursday already tomorrow this week is flying!


What do you need when recovering from being ill?

I always need ice lollies, they make me feel better for some reason especially when i can't stomach actual food, probably the sugar they contain! Oh and veggies I always need veggies.


  1. Sympathy, spoiling, and someone to rub my shoulders and make 'There there' noises!

  2. You poor thing! I don't know how you've been pushing through training and working out with how you've been feeling! I hope you get lots of rest time in!! The lentil loaf looks totally interesting- bummer that it was only OK. When I'm not feeling good- dry toast and salty broth do it for me!

  3. Rich tea biscuits and a cuppa tea, warms my heart up.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  4. I used to have Lucozade as a kid and that sorted me right out. Now it's more green smoothies and lots of tea and water.

  5. Oh dear, I can sympathise, I was poorly just for a few hours last week and that was bad enough! For me its coconut water and green smoothies or pref a green smoothie containing coconut water!

  6. Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Hope you feel better soon! When I'm ill all I want to real root ginger beer or traditional lemonade. And soups, roasted veggies and mashed veggies. Nice and easy on the system. Peppermint or ginger tea also work well.

    Get well soon! x

  7. When I'm ill I like to have lots of soup, normally Heinz mushroom or tomato! I hope you get better soon!!

  8. I say it every single time but I love those kitties :D