Monday, 13 June 2011

No Yoga Etiquette!

Hello! I'm dropping in for an afternoon post as I'm at the gym late tonight.
My day so far has been pretty good and its only going to get better I hope!

I was up at 5.30am to get ready for work but made time for breakfast : )

I had maca adult muesli mixed with soy milk and topped with fresh coconut, an apple and cinnamon. This was really yummy and very filling!

Clients trained I did a little workout at the gym:

10 min cross trainer set on random + 20 min circuit

I then went to Bikram. Today's class was not so much, my practice was fine but the teacher was a complete nazi today she was not kind and pretty harsh to some I thought! I also had a man next to me that was sweating so much there was a puddle around him and he was pouring his sweat on my towel and mat! Grrrrrrrr it was sick! I'm looking forward to Wednesday's class and I'll make sure never to be next to that dude again - no yoga etiquette!

Ok rant over! Home for lunch which is always nice. I was hungry so made a giant warm tuna salad.

My salad included: tuna mixed with a tomato pesto, steamed broccoli and carrots, sliced mushrooms, spring onions and a big handful of beansprouts, topped with a dollop of hummus!

A little after I had a bowl of sliced mango and strawberries topped with a tbsp of soy yogurt and some seeds

I have an exciting afternoon today. I am meeting up with a girl that used to work at the gym who I have become good friends with and we will be sorting out a bootcamp style ladies fitness course we are hoping to start up! I can't wait things are getting exciting again : )

I'll be heading to the gym after meeting Tara and working there till 9pm

I hope your week is off to a good start my lovelies x x x


Group exercise etiquette.
Do you have some expectations from your fellow sweat buddies?

I have to say I'm pretty easy going but when your pouring sweat over my towel that's just plain rude!


  1. Ewww! Pouring sweat over your towel is bad etiquette lol! I hate it people don't wipe the machines down after using them at the gym too.

  2. Other peoples sweat is gross! I don't mind people sweating, I sweat loads in the gym but I always wipe stuff down afterwards. Your bootcamp stuff sounds exciting!

  3. I hate it so much when people don't wipe down the machines at the gym! Well done you for not just loudly calling him out on it, at least one of you showed some decorum!

  4. Lol... I was gagging at your fb comments :D I love bootcamp fitness though - yay you!!! x x

  5. ...p.s. let me know if you ever want to set up an Essex/East London branch :)