Thursday, 9 June 2011

Feeling Human Again

Back for another afternoon post!
Hope your week is going well, can you believe it Thursday already!?

I left you yesterday afternoon still feeling like a sick chick, looking forward to an afternoon of rest which did the trick..............

Around 5ish I had a few chocolate disc's to get me through the afternoon of rest : )

Dinner was a fab mix of steamed veggies, boiled eggs and a dollop of hummus

Once the hummus pot is open its gotta be eaten right?!

A while after dinner I found great satisfaction smashing a coconut to bits and enjoying the sweet flesh and the very sweet and delicious juice : )

I also had a small bowl of strawberries, soy yogurt and cinnamon

Nom nom nom...........

Today I sprung out of bed at 6am and went out for a 20 minute run, short and sweet.
I must have definitely got rid of whatever that horrible bug was and am back to feeling human!

I had time to make breakfast before my first client at 8am

Chocolate and raspberry smoothie topped with roasted hazelnuts and a few raisins

I went to the gym trained my client then went to meet my friend Tara for coffee

Soy latte and some raw coconut to fuel my yoga session, yep after a couple of hours gossiping and talking over some exciting plans (more on that another time!) I made my way to Bikram. I was actually a little worried as its been a week since I last practiced but it was an amazing class and made me feel fabulous!

Got home and needed protein! Enter a delicious mix of chicken and steamed veggies in a roasted aubergine sauce with yes you got it a dollop of hummus!

This was sooooooooooo good!

I also had some sliced apple and strawberries topped with soy yogurt, cinnamon and seeds

I gotta get my butt back to the gym, I have a few clients tonight so wont be back till 9ish!
Have a great rest of day, see ya tomorrow x x x


Do you get exercise withdrawals?!

I know it sounds weird but if I'm out of action for any reason I start to get tense and NEED to exercise especially after starting yoga it has helped me in so many ways that not doing it makes me feel crap!


  1. Glad you are feeling better!
    I think I am having exercise withdrawal now, as I have cut back since the marathon (to be sensible) but I was getting used to a higher volume of training and I think I miss it!

  2. I definitely do, I think when your used to the endorphins it gets to you when you miss it. Glad your feeling a bit better :-)

  3. If I get into a routine where I am exercising regularly then I definitely so miss exercising!! Glad you're feeling better :)

  4. Mmmm that dinner is making me crave eggs and veggies together, it looks so delicious. Hooray for feeling better!