Monday, 27 June 2011

Early Night Early Start

And here we are another week has begun which will end July!
Yes we are nearly at the end of June, this month has flown by don't ya think?
I'm pretty sure that July will fly by too I have lots of fun and exciting things to do in July hopefully some blogger meet ups, I am going to Ireland to visit my mum and little sis which I can't WAIT for and my weight loss course starts all going well which is just some of what i have planned! But enough of the future lets get back to the present and see what I've been up to today........

It was the fluffy cat's turn for a cuddle first thing then I was ready for breakfast.......

There is a cornflake and gluten free muesli mix under the chopped apple and coconut somewhere! I topped this with vanilla rice milk which I picked up cheap in Asda at the weekend

Car problems kept me at home for the morning so I decided to catch some rays in the garden which was bliss. I didn't realize how hot it was which has lead to a slightly pink back!

I had an early lunch of steamed veggies topped with tuna and.......salad cream!
Just couldn't resist : )

After lunch I went to meet my friend Tara so we could look at the hall we plan to use for our weight loss course. Its perfect! We are very happy with the hall, the flyers and posters are being printed and hopefully we will be going out on Friday to get the posters up and flyer drop. Fingers crossed we will get some people interested!

After viewing the hall me and Tara went to town to grab an iced coffee before I went for my sports massage.

I chopped this tasty snack down before my massage, then got pummeled!
Back attacked I was off to Bikram to stretch out my sore muscles. I had a great class and it wasn't too busy which was fab

I got home and all I wanted was fruit! I made a giant fruit salad which included:

Mango, an apple, blueberries and strawberries topped with soy yogurt, almonds, seeds, coconut and cinnamon

My now enjoying some hot water with lemon. I'm planning an early night and an early start to get to my Bikram class for 7am. Then I will be heading to Hastings to train my regular clients plus I have some new ones I will be giving a taster session to. I will be getting back to Brighton way to late to post and Wednesday is not looking good for time so I guess I'll see ya Thursday! Have a fab few days x x x


Do you sun bath?

I don't usually get time so I took advantage today for a little while. I can't lay out for too long though as I get bored!


  1. I never sunbathe as I burn so easily. I knew I would be outside today so it was on with the factor 50. Plus I get too hot. I love to sit in the shade though.

  2. loving the fresh fruit. mango is possibly the best fruit ever, i rarely sunbath can't sit still for too long lol I always have to be active.

  3. Just emailed you! I love sun bathing, but rarely get the chance unless I'm abroad or if we catch good weather when we come to Brighton!

  4. I have been sunbathing lately, I'm going on holiday soon so I want a tan.. usually I'm not too fussed though tbh

  5. I don't sunbathe as I am way too pale and get burnt just walking outside for a few minutes!