Friday, 17 June 2011


This week has gone so quick! Hello by the way how are we?
The weeks seem to be flying by, we are over half way through June its crazy.....oh yeah did you realize it was June? With this sucky weather you could be forgiven for not realizing!

I'm dropping in now as I have the rest of the day off but fancy just chilling in front of the box tonight, no typing just watching.....The Kennedys is on tonight BBC2 and I am quite excited about seeing it : )

Today I was up early to get my bag ready and have breakfast before heading to the gym to train my only clients of the day. Breakfast was really good and very filling........

Gluten/wheat free cornflakes topped with a small banana, strawberries, raisins, coconut and rice milk. Yep this was sooooooooo good!

After training my clients I did my gym session:

20 minutes treadmill intervals: 60 sec 85% 90 sec 75%

walking lunges 10kg weight in each hand 20 reps x4
basic squat 20 reps x4

hamstring curl on stability ball 20 reps x4
foot on step body lift 25 reps x4

I freshened up then went to meet my friend........glutes screaming all the way!

I met Tara at costa. I had a soy latte and a nakd bar, yum : )

We went over the details of our 6 week ladies weight loss course we plan to start and it seems to be going pretty well. We just need to get the posters and flyers printed to really get thinks under way : )

We hung out for a a couple of hours then I put my zero tabs in my water and went to Bikram glutes still screaming!

I had a great class, very hot today but loved it as always. Its actually starting to get easier. The postures are all still a challenge for sure but just being able to stay and exercise in the heat is becoming easier which makes it a lot more enjoyable.

Another sleepy cat shot

Lunch was fab today, I heated some buckwheat groats with sardines and tom pesto then added some steamed veggies.

Delicious, nutritious and filling : )

I also had some chopped apple topped with soy yogurt, seeds and cinnamon

I'm glad to be home and out of this stinking weather, where is the sunshine? Did we have our summer in April? I really do hope not! I am not a rain kind of person, I would like it to rain at night and be sunny in the day always! Luckily I have to work all weekend so I'm not missing any fabulous weather so I guess that's something!

Right I'm gonna kick back and rest my throbbing glutes they are really painful. I have really pushed myself this week on the exercise front which actually feels great, I don't often suffer from DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and even though its painful I kinda like it........means I've worked hard and will reap the benefits!


Do you ever get DOMS? Do you have any weekend plans?

I'm working all weekend no other plans as of yet : )


  1. I have DOMS right now from body pump- getting worse as the day has gone on!

  2. I always have DOMS after body pump too-I love that feeling though even if I moan about it.

  3. I didn't even know what DOMS was until i started reading blogs! Now i love the feeling because i feel like it means i've really worked hard :D

  4. pretty breakfast... what is 'foot on step body lift'?! :) x x

  5. I don't get DOMS as often now so when I get them I know I must have worked out really hard!

  6. I have DOMs somewhere pretty much every week - and I love them! Shows I've worked hard enough!

  7. I've never heard of buckwheat groats... they look good though! I'm looking out or new grains cos quinoa rice and pasta are getting boring! I hate the rain too :/