Thursday, 30 June 2011

Cornflakes and Coconut

Hey Hey! How are we all?
I A OK. Been a busy bee the past couple of days but whats new, right?
I can't believe its my last day at Fitness First tomorrow, I'm so excited but also pretty nervous about whats ahead. I know its the right decision to have made though : )

I have a few pics of deliciousness that has passed my lips, so shall we.............


I got up early to get to my 7am Bikram class

Torture chamber session done I went home to freshen up and eat breakfast, I was starving!
I had a big bowl of cornflakes topped with fresh berries and coconut, this hit the spot : )

I then packed up everything for my day in Hastings

Before leaving I had an iced coffee in the sun then hit the road...........

1 client trained I popped round to my dads to hang out with his lady for a good old gossip

For lunch I ate 2 perfectly boiled eggs (1 had a double yolk, score!) and steamed veggies in a curry sauce

I had 2 sets of clients to train later in the day, 1 of which I did the workout with also. We did a 50 minute TRX + Medicine ball workout followed by a 30 minute run in the park. I'm still aching from it now it was a blinder of a session!

I also gave a taster session to a couple that are interested in sessions. They signed up!!!!!! Yay!

I didn't get to leave Hastings till 9.30pm so was shattered when I got back to Brighton, I literally walked in the door and went to bed!


No photos! Sorry but I gave the camera a rest for the day. The days events went like this:

7.30am client - 9.30am start work at job no.2 - 6pm client - 8pm client - home bed!

Ooooooooo I also picked up the flyers and posters for mine and Tara's weight loss course!


Today my first client wasn't till 8am which gave me time to have breakfast at home

Hmmmmm I think I may have a cornflake and coconut addiction!
For breakfast I had cornflakes, an apple, raisins and coconut topped with rice milk

Breakfast eaten it was time to get to the gym. I trained my client then had some time to burn before yoga. I was gonna workout but my glutes were so sore still from Tuesday I decided to give it a miss and pop into town.......I bought a couple of tops in the sale then I had the urge for coffee!

Iced coffee yum! I really need to STOP buying coffee, my wallet says NO my taste buds say YES!

I popped back to gym to grab some bits from my box that will need to be emptied tomorrow! I had time to get back to my car to off load then to Bikram I went.

WOWZAS! My class today was steaming hot! But as always I loved it and made some little progressions my standing bow is coming on leaps and bounds!

I had the afternoon to myself which meant home for lunch yay! I made a mushroom and pepper scramble and put it on top of some steamed veggies

Simple and delicious

I also had a big bowl of fruit salad - mango (so perfectly ripe), berries, soy yogurt, seeds and coconut!

I spent the afternoon writing sessions for clients and also had a couple of rice cakes with chocolate spread but with no evidence of this nothing can be proven!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I have a client in the morning, then Bikram then me and Tara will be heading out in the afternoon to put up posters and post flyers fingers crossed we get some interest : )

Then its Saturday, and I get to see the boy wooooooohooooooooooo! Can't wait : )


What ya been up to, what ya looking forward to doing this weekend?


  1. All that food looks so yummy! I can't wait to be drinked iced coffee in Brighton! I'm looking forward to an afternoon with my girls on Saturday, I can't wait to see them :-)

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