Sunday, 12 June 2011

Brownies For The Boy

Hello I'm back!!
Its been a busy few days with no time to post but here I am back and ready to fill you in on the past few days. I last saw you Thursday when I was finally feeling better after being a poorly person, I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets exercise withdrawals!

Thursday night I got home pretty late but was hungry so ate a bowl of cereal to fill the gap

Friday morning I got up and did a 25 minute Bosu workout before breakfast, its my new toy and I can't wait to use it with my home based clients!

For breakfast I had muesli, soy yogurt, strawberries and cinnamon before heading to the gym to train my first clients

Clients trained I made my way to job no.2, for lunch I had steamed veggies and tuna no picture sorry! After work I went to Bikram. It was soooooooo busy but I was there early so my spot in the room was good : )

Home and in need of something quick to eat I went for a smoothie, then just hung out with my housemate

Hannah had been to the south of England show and picked up some liquorice for me I ate it whilst watching the comedy gala on channel 4 which was rather good I must say!

Saturday I actually had off, can you believe it?!

I still got up early to have some sliced apple. soy yogurt, coconut and cinnamon which gave it time to settle before Bikram

I went to Bikram grabbed some bits from Infinity Foods then made my way home

I picked up some cornflakes as the All Bran has not really settled in my tum well, I gave my box to Hannah. I couldn't resist a bowl a while after getting home : )

Freshened up I had some baking to do..........

I baked gooey brownies for the boy : )

I had a cooking disaster last week with some cookies so as to redeem myself I had to get baking again!

These gooey marshmallow, double chocolate, hazelnut and raisin brownies were a total winner!

The boy loved them : )

For my late lunch/early dinner I had some steamed chicken and veggies in an aubergine sauce topped with a perfectly ripe avocado

This was really good!

I spent the evening hanging out with the boy, just so ya know we are getting on rather well : )

Today I ate a bowl of cornflakes with rice milk and topped with coconut and raisins before heading to job no.2

I was early so decided to treat myself to a soy latte on the way

For lunch I had eggs and veggies which I only ate half of as the hummus was off!

YUK! The eggs were good though : )

Luckily I also had some oat cakes and an apple with me

I got totally soaked on the way home, umbrella ruined and cars splashing me left right and center. The words "drowned rat" come to mind! I was very glad to get in out of the rain. I ate a smoothie and rice cakes for dinner but it was way to early so I'm now eating the last of the chocolate chips left over from the brownies.........the boy took the brownies at least so I can't snack on them!

I as always have a busy week, lots of clients to train, lots of Bikram and circuits for me, furniture selling and people to meet up with the list goes on...........

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine and no more rain well at least till I get a waterproof jacket and new umbrella!


What is your favorite go to sweet treat recipe that never fails you?

I knew the brownies would be a winner, especially as the boy has a ridiculously sweet tooth!


  1. Those brownies look amazing! I think my brownie recipe or my carrot date and walnut loaf always seems to turn out pretty well!

  2. They look so good! My fave crowd pleaser is my peanut butter chocolate chip cookies- it is the hummingbird recipe and it is so good! I have an old brownie recipe too which is amazing. :)

  3. I was in your area today!! We went from Brighton to Seven Sisters. FANTASTIC WEATHER! haha. But it was all good fun ;).

    Those brownies look absolutely amazing!! And awwwww.. love how you write "the boy"! So happy for you!

    (Muffins never fail.. I always stick to muffins. hehe)

  4. Mmmmm brownies :D I love sticky ginger bread!!! Should make some pronto. Good to see you're still smashing up those coconuts... p.s. I have bosu envy! I have a budget version but can't wait to splash out on the real deal x x x

  5. this post is full of such beautiful pictures :-) All your food looks so mouth watering!