Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Hey I have enough time to get a quick post in so here I am : )
Its been an ok day a little frustrating as I've had a couple of annoying clients not turning up but all in all its been pretty good.........

Not having to be at my yoga class till 10am gave me plenty of time to have a leisurely morning which was nice. I had a giant smoothie to start my day which was delicious

After this beast settled I made my way to Bikram......WOW 113 degrees was a HOT class!
I actually felt a little flaky at some points but I powered through and felt amazing for it : )

I had planned to go to the gym after yoga to wash and get ready for a client at 1pm, she canceled.
I was also supposed to meet my friend at 2pm but she also canceled due to feeling sick. With no client and no friend to meet I had the time to go home : )

My lunch was already packed so instead of dirtying a plate I ate it from the box

Steamed veggies, and mackerel in a tom sauce with some hummus

I also had a bowl of cereal with a mini apple, I was starving after yoga!

I had to pop into town before heading to the gym to pick up some ingredients for the sweet treats I'm making for my date Saturday........

I had the urge for a giant coffee and as Starbucks was near by I couldn't resist a SF vanilla latte, I soaked up some rays in a small park near the gym while enjoying my coffee : )

At the gym I had 1 client that nearly passed out as the workout was pretty tough! 1 client turned up late, my favorite client was fab to train as always and the last just didn't turn up! Not impressed with the last one.......GRRRRRRRR

It did mean I got to leave the gym a little earlier though so not all bad!

I had 2 boiled eggs in a break between clients so wasn't crazy hungry when I got in but I did have room for a giant fruit salad which I made with 1 apple, strawberries and blueberries then topped with soy yogurt, cinnamon, coconut and chia seeds

I also had some rice cakes and tahini on the side......nom nom nom

Ok that's my hump day done and dusted, I will defo not be here tomorrow so I'll hopefully catch up with ya on Friday but as I'm going to Hastings and I gotta bake my sweet treats it could be a little longer till I check in, have a fab few days peeps see ya soon x x x


When ordering a coffee whats it gotta be?

I can be latte, SF syrup (only when I go to Starbucks!), not too much froth and topped with cold soy milk. I also like an iced coffee from time to time : )


  1. americano, I don't like milk, so I only take like a tsp in it.

  2. I just love frappes, I was obbsessed with mocha coconut soy frappes in New York, its probably good for my wallet that they aren't available here!

  3. Yummy looking food! I don't actually drink coffee itself, but I do like it in chocolates and cake!!

  4. I adore starbucks caramel frappucinos... I only get them as a one off treat and don't you dare leave off the whipped cream hehe! Could murder one right now lol shame there's no starbucks anywhere close!