Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bombay Yay or Nay

Hello I have returned after a busy work weekend, how are we all?
I'm good, tired but good. I'm gonna keep this pretty low on words tonight as there are lots of pics to get through..........

I left you Friday when I was suffering from DOMS! In the evening I made a butternut squash soup and had it with rice cakes. It looks kind of like dish water but it tasted fab honest!

I followed this with a tasty creation!
Melted no added sugar carob mixed with soy yogurt and coconut, served with strawberries!

I'll defo being having this again!


Thighs and glutes still throbbing I was glad to have Saturday as a workout free day!
I started the day with a giant bowl of fruit and muesli with soy yogurt.

After breakfast I jumped in the car and made my way to job no.2

I've been really wanting some bombay mix I decided to feed the feeling : )

For lunch I ate the rest of my buckwheat groats mixed with tofu, tom pesto and steamed veggies, great combo!

Oops look what also passed my lips......

A giant macaroon!

In the evening I had more soup and a sneaky vodka with dandelion and burdock!
That was a good drink : )


Today I was up early to get to the gym. I planned a workout before my client at 9.30am so I was there at ten to 8 to get my sweat on. I had a small bowl of cornflakes when I got up at 6

25 minute flat steady run + 35 minutes strength training

After training my client I made my way to job no.2

I had tofu and steamed veg for lunch + a pecan nakd bar

It was crazy busy at work for once as our sale has started. So much better being busy, sitting around can takes it toll on the soul! I was pretty knackered when I got in so I whipped up a quick dinner of eggs, veggies and rice cakes.

I followed this with a bowl of mango, banana, soy yogurt, cinnamon and coconut


Ok that's me all up to date. I didn't see the boy this weekend he's off to glasto next week so I wont see him next weekend either. I'll be having some fun of my own next weekend I'm off to Bournemouth for a reunion with all the guys from my personal training course! I can't wait it should be a real laugh : )

Right time to sort some session plans for tomorrow, see ya soon : )


Bombay mix yay or nay?

Yay for me! I haven't had it for ages, I especially like the one with raisins in it!


  1. I've never had bombay mix....i actually hated curry and anything curry flavoured until last year, but now i love it so maybe it's time to try :)
    Mango, banana, cinnamon and coconut together sounds like an amazingly delicious combination!

  2. I'm not that fussed on Bombay mix to be honest, I like the packs of japanese crackers more!

  3. Nay - but I'dpinch your macaroon :D x x

  4. I've not had Bombay Mix un years, but I love it! Where do you buy your buckwheat?