Friday, 24 June 2011

Best Breakfast In A Long Time

Wow where has this week gone!?
Hello by the way its been a while, I last dropped in on Tuesday and what a busy week I have had!
I have some random pictures from the past few days so lets get to it shall we............


My day started early with 2 clients at the gym before heading to job no.2.
I packed some breakfast to have after training my ladies. This by the way is the BEST breakfast I've had in a long time!

Best Breakfast In A Long Time: quinoa, soy yogurt, berries, seeds, dessicated coconut + cinnamon

I made the quinoa the night before then mixed it all together to create a mix of deliciousness

After job no.2 I was back at the gym to train another client then I went to Bikram


Thursday I had time to have breakfast before heading to the gym to train my first client. I had the same as Wednesday with the addition of a very ripe banana, perfection : )

Client trained I was off to job no.2

One of my favorite snacks: rice cakes + tahini + cinnamon = so good!

For lunch I had veggies and mackerel

After work I went to Bikram and ate this bar for some fuel : )

I got back to my car after yoga to find a flat tire! AA came to change my tire but the spare I had was no good at all and the guy said I shouldn't really be using it and wished me luck getting home on it......THANKS! I did make it home obviously but it was a scary ride!


Today I was up at 5.30am having a small bowl of cornflakes before getting ready to go to the gym for a workout before my client's session. I had a fab workout:

Chest Press 10kg 4x15 reps
Shoulder Press 5kg 4x15reps
Seated Row 17.5kg 4x15 reps
Up Right Row 5kg 4x15 reps
Pull Overs 8kg 4x15 reps

I followed this with some ab work and a 10 minute interval up hill run.

After training my client I went to Bikram which was session 4 of the week! Feel great for it : )

I then went into town to get a new outfit for my weekend in Bournemouth which has now been canceled! Not impressed, I was supposed to be going to Bournemouth for a reunion but it seems everyone has pulled out and now I'm not going plus i have to pay for my hotel so I'm a little annoyed!

Anyway I did get a new outfit which means I shall be going out in Brighton instead, as i have the weekend off i may as well enjoy it!

After town I went to get my tire changed so its all good now : )
Home I made a quick lunch of scrambled eggs, peppers, mushrooms and broccoli.

I followed this with a bowl of berries, chopped apple, soy yogurt, seeds and cinnamon

Fresh and tasty : )

My sister bought me this almond drink a while ago from a chinese supermarket, its been sitting in the fridge for ages so i decided to crack it open today. Wow sweet! Its like liquid marzipan! Tasty but once was enough

So I have a weekend off from any kind of work, I plan to go out on the town tomorrow with my housemate. I need a good night of dancing its been way to long plus I have Glastonbury envy!
I think I'll go to yoga again tomorrow but I'm not certain I'll see how I feel......Sunday I'm going to just chill hopefully in the sun without to bad a headache!

Bye for now I'm going to spend the evening watching Glasto and wishing I was there : )


What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Oooh, that quinoa breakfast looks really good! :) I've never tried quinoa in sweet form. I actually have a bag of quinoa flakes sitting unopened in my cupboard...time to give it a try I think! :)

    Plans for weekend - we have a whole town BBQ/day out thing to go to tomorrow and a family BBQ on Sunday...I just hope the weather improves for both!

    Have a great weekend :)

  2. That almond drink looks exactly the type of thing I'd pick up from a chinese supermarket!

    My weekend plans - wholefoods hauling and running!

  3. Hope you have a great night out!

  4. I love your quinoa breakfast. I often cook quinoa porridge with apple, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and lemon juice. It’s great for winter but a bit too hot in summer. As a Nutritionist, it’s great to see that people get creative with different grains. Oats are good but they just get a bit boring after a while! Love, the Food Fairies xxx