Friday, 27 May 2011

Yay the Weekend!

Yay the weekend is here!!!!!!! Hello all : )
I'm usually not really excited about the weekend because as you all know I work most so its just another couple of days to me but this bank holiday I actually have Sunday and Monday off! Which means all smiles and fun are coming my way : )

I have a little catch up as I didn't manage to post yesterday.........

Thursday started with an early morning circuit and run at the gym before my first client then I had the same yummy breakfast as Wednesday (second hand photo alert!) Then I was off to job no.2

For lunch I had some tuna mixed with hummus, herbs and steamed veggies

Followed by an apple, soy yogurt and almonds

Before heading back to the gym for my evening clients I had another apple and some left over almonds from lunch

Home late a smoothie was on the menu

I also had some oatcakes on the side : )

Today started the way Thursday finished with a smoothie!

Topped with seeds and almonds

I had clients to train first thing then I went to Bikram.
I took one of the other PTs with me today, she loved it even though she nearly passed out! We went back to the gym after to shower and I then had a couple more clients

I finished around 3 but by the time I got home it was 4pm and a late lunch!

Steamed veggies with tuna in a tom sauce topped with the last of my hummus

I've spent the afternoon doing washing, changed my bed and replied to emails at a nice leisurely pace which has been lovely : )

Having a late lunch meant I wasn't really hungry for a big dinner but I did fancy another smoothie! I'm kind of addicted especially with adding the PB2 Debs gave me, thanks lady!

So that's my Friday, tomorrow I'm working at job no.2 then I'm off till Tuesday!
Whoop Whoop!

Roll on the weekend I'm looking forward to some yoga, sleep and my date!

Bye for now x x


Do you have a favorite sauce you often use to juice up a meal?

I usually use some sort of vegan tomato sauce/pesto or hummus. I do have plain steamed veg or salad as well but I do like it saucy too!


  1. Your smoothies are looking absolutely amazing, I must get back into drinking more of them.

  2. I love the veggies and smoothies you made, yum! And vie been looking for some sauce inspiration of late, i currently don't have a 'favourite' x

  3. For me I have shoyu on almost everything! I also love braggs liqud aminos. Hummus just makes everything better and of course a quick peanut or coconut flour sauce tastes awesome! How you enjoy your weekend!